Fennel Seed Benefits for Weight Loss & Overall Health

Fennel Seeds
Fennel an aromatic herb!
Popularly known as saunf in Hindi, fennel is an aromatic herb belonging to the parsley family. It is used as a spice and also possesses a sweet taste that is similar to anise. In India, this is an essential ingredient used both as a spice for beverages and veggie preparations and as a post-meal digestive aid and refreshment.

Fennel Seed Benefits:

  1. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
  2. Reduce Water Retention
  3. Digestive and helps in Indigestion, IBS, Bloating
  4. Helps purify blood
  5. Improves Eyesight
According to Ayurveda - Fennel seeds reduce all 3 Trodosha (Vata, Pita, Kapha). The seeds have a cooling effect on the body. It is a good idea to consume a fennel seed drink during the scorching summer, to relieve heat from the body. The oil found in the seeds is carminative in nature, hence it is used in massage blends, especially in Ayurveda to calm the nerves and promote mental clarity.

Fennel Seed Benefits for Weight Loss

The refreshing seeds have long been known to aid weight loss. Infusing fennel seeds by immersing them in hot water or by steeping them overnight in cool water is generally said to help shed kilos, if consumed regularly. Moreover, these seeds indeed are tiny powerhouses of detoxifying and metabolism-boosting nutrients. Super rich in vitamins and minerals, they sure make a worthy way to lose weight.

So to conclude how it benefits Weight Loss:
  • Effective in helping cure water retention, especially for the women suffering from PMS. 
  • Help in digestion and metabolism, leading better absorption of nutrients from food, hence less hunger pangs, further helping in weight loss. 
  •  Infused fennel water is a therapy to cleanse the gut and is quite effective for people suffering from chronic constipation."
  • Helps Stimulate Melatonin Production which in the brain are responsible for our sound sleep. According to studies, a good sleep is an efficient way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Fennel seeds have dietary fibre that helps keep your hunger pangs at bay. 
  • Fennel seed water makes for a perfect way to detoxify your body from various toxins and further kick-start your metabolism along with soothing digestive issues.
  • Fennel seed water helps dump the remnants of uric acid in the blood, and further break down the stomach acids to prevent the accumulation of additional fat in the liver.
Make fennel tea for water retention
Get this:
Fennel seeds- ½ tsp
Boiling water- 1 cup

Do this:
Place fennel seeds in a cup.
Pour hot water over it.
Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes.
If you wish, you may drain otherwise drink the tea with seeds in it. Chew the seeds for better digestion.
Have fennel tea 2-3 times a day.

It's good to start your day with sipping fennel seed water to stay healthy and active. And, if you are looking to shed those extra kilos, then have fennel tea 3 times a day!

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