Try Effective Weight Loss Ayurvedic Medicine

 Ayurvedic Solutions for Weight Loss
Ayurvedic Solutions for Weight Loss
There are so many theories on weight loss. But we need to understand our bodies and the food we choose for our survival. Without understanding the importance of nutrition each food group has for our overall wellness we just unmindfully remove them from our diets just because we want to lose weight. For any healthy weight loss a proper nutritious diet which includes good carbs, healthy proteins, natural fibre and ample water to keep our body hydrated. Always remember good healthy body can only lose weight lest we would always be challenged with various diets and short term gains.

To stay healthy, the first thing we need to understand the Ayurveda recommended Dincharya

Essential Things for Weight Loss
Break the myths and turn to the basics.

  1. Include Complex carbohydrates as they are not fattening.
  2. Don't discard dairy products as they are not fattening
  3. Banana is ideal for any weight loss programme
  4. Potatoes Size and Quantity Does Matter But Do Include in your Diet
  5. Wrong Habits with Alcohol makes you Gain Weight. So Moderate It!
  6. Selection of Protein is very Important and Don't Mix with Simple Carbs(like bread, pasta, rice, chapati)
  7. Skipping Meals is a Big No! Consume Three Proper Meals
  8. Good Source of Healthy Fat is Must! (cow ghee, seed oils, seeds, nuts)
  9. Gorge on Seasonal Fruits And Veggies
  10. Have Plenty of lukewarm Water throughout the Day!
  11. Don't starve, enjoy your meals but select from the nature's basket, locally grown not from the packed inventory of a supermart.
  12. Follow a Healthy Sleep Pattern
  13. Exercise daily (walking, yoga, aerobics, cycling, playing)
  14. Always eat measured amount and follow a timely routine daily.
  15. Include all Six Tastes in your Diet (Foods are classified based on their taste, namely astringent, sour, bitter, salty, sweet and pungent (spicy). It is important to ensure you get all these tastes every day, for proper functioning of the digestive system and for weight management. So remember to include a variety of good healthy natural food to ensure you get all tastes and nutrients.)

Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Loss

Ayurveda believe natural foods have the ability to fight various health concerns including weight gain. Hence these Ayurvedic weight loss medicines are nothing but the most natural solutions to your weight problem.

Weight loss ayurvedic medicines definitely help you deal with weight loss issues along with providing solutions for any other health-related issues if any.

Moreover, the main essence of Ayurveda lies in solving a problem from its roots and not only superficially.

Thus, this clearly implies that weight loss ayurvedic medicines provide you with a long-term and sustainable weight loss, which is generally absent in allopathic and other artificial forms of weight loss medicines.

This makes Ayurveda the preferred form of treatment for weight issues because it has generally been observed that maintaining weight loss is actually more difficult as compared to losing it.

Recommended Weight Loss Ayurvedic Medicines

  1. Lemon & HoneyLemon and honey mixed in lukewarm water is the most common weight loss drink people from around the world drink for weight loss.This weight loss ayurvedic medicine should be consumed first thing in the morning for best results. This drink work towards weight loss by suppressing appetite and detoxifying the body. 
  2. Ashwagandha an AntioxidantThe Indian cherry Ashwagandha, is a common herb used primarily in Ayurvedic medicines. It has adaptogenic properties. Ashwagandha can remove stress and improve your process of digestion. It cleanses the body from free radicals and improves your metabolic rate. This is the primary cause why we lose more fat when we take Ashwagandha daily with our healthy diet.
  3. Black Pepper
    Combining pepper with lemon and honey drink makes it more effective for weight loss. So you can add a pinch of pepper with your lemon-honey drink. Studies have shown that black pepper has piperine that enhances fat metabolism. 
  4. Use Spices in Your FoodPresence of spices accelerate digestion and weight loss. Spices like turmeric, pepper, mustard, cumin, etc contribute to the weight loss process and are included in weight loss ayurvedic medicines
  5. Shatavari
  6. Shatavari, its roots are a rich source of Folic acid, vitamin, zinc and calcium. Deficiency of these nutrients and minerals hinder the weight loss.
  7. Use GingerUse of ginger helps in burning fat according to Ayurveda. If you find the taste of ginger bitter and difficult to consume as such, mix it with a bit of honey and there you are, your weight loss ayurvedic medicine is ready!
  8. Garlic
  9. Garlic improves the immune system, increases metabolic rate and decrease weight. This naturally occurring ingredient allicin has potential effect on weight loss and cholesterol. It is also helpful in reducing heart disease and helps in fighting cancer because it has strong antioxidants that repair cells in the body. 
  10. Fast for Once a WeekFasting once a week does wonders for your gut and energizes the digestive system. You can fuel yourself with plenty of water, juices, green teas, light soups, etc 
  11. Foods That Aid DigestionImproper digestion often leads to weight gain according to Ayurveda. Thus, you must consume food that provide the digestive fire to your body.

    These foods also come under the category of weight loss ayurvedic medicines like ginger, papaya, bitter gourd, garlic, avocado, chilli, etc.
  12. Include Herbs in Your DietSome of the herbs that have been identified by Ayurveda and suggested for weight loss are Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amalaki, Licorice, Tulsi, Aloe Vera and Vrikshamla. These herbs also come under weight loss ayurvedic medicines.
  13. Guggul
  14. Guggul is supposedly the most effective natural herb for losing weight. Popularly known as 'the natural fat killer', guggul is actually a strong resin extract which is extracted from a tiny, thorny mukul myrrh tree. This particular herb effectively helps in getting rid of the unwanted fat and stimulate the cellular fire along with perfect liver functioning. It helps in catalyzing tissue regeneration and increasing white blood cells.
  15. Horse GramHorse gram is one weight loss ayurvedic medicine suggested by many Ayurveda experts for weight loss. Soak one cup of horse gram overnight, and boil it.

    To this, add chopped onions and salt to taste. Take this for 45 days and see the difference. Follow this with a glass of buttermilk and see how fat is burned steadily.
  16. Weight Loss Aloe DrinkTo prepare this ayurvedic weight loss drink, mix 2 tablespoons of Aloe juice, a pinch of turmeric powder, a pinch of cumin powder, a pinch of Tinospora Cordifolia Powder and a pinch of Terminalia Chebula Powder, in a glass of warm water. Add a spoon of honey to taste and drink it.

    Wait for at least one hour, before you eat anything. You can continue this drink till you lose the required weight.
  17. Consume Digestive Tea Daily
    Take equal quantity of cumin seeds, coriander seeds and fennel seeds. About ½ spoon should do for one person. Now, add this to a bowl of water and bring it to a boil. Close the lid and boil for about five minutes. Transfer it into a flask and keep sipping it during the day. This tea will aid with digestion and weight loss.
  18. Ghee Aids Weight LossGhee is good for maintaining strength & diversity of the gut bacteria and spine but also makes for a potent fat-loss aid. The SCFA in ghee is now recognized as a ‘prebiotic’, something which creates an environment conducive for the gut-friendly bacteria to prosper. That’s also what makes it a great anti-allergen.

    In Ayurveda, Ghee has a lot of recommendation in daily diet. Read more on Ghee-The Indian Superfood
You may try Healthy Ayurvedic Smoothies for Weight Loss
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