The Basic Mudras for Restoring Your Wellness

The five major building blocks or the ‘Panchamahabhutas’
The five major building blocks or the ‘Panchamahabhutas’
According to ancient Vedic wisdom, your health is literally in your hands. This is because the four fingers and the thumb represent the five major building blocks or the ‘Panchamahabhutas’ of which the entire universe is made viz. Sky (Ether), Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Disease emerges when these five elements are out of balance.

The Basics of Mudras

Thumb – The fire (Agni)
Index finger – The air (Vayu)
Middle finger – The ether (Aakasha)
Ring finger – The earth (Prithvi)
Small finger – The water (Jala)

So as to bring back the balance in the five elements, there are some specific methods of touching and aligning the fingers with each other.

These are referred to as ‘Hast-Mudras’ and this easy and doable therapy may be practiced anytime as an augmented relief from your malady as well as a handy tool for restoring your wellness.

  1. Akash Mudra: For Ear problems
  2. Dhyan Mudra: For Concentration power, depression, and for all mind related problems
  3. Hridya Mudra: For Heart disease, asthma, and respiration related diseases
  4. Jala Mudra: This is for blood purification and all skin diseases.
  5. Prana Mudra: Eye problems, nervous problem, and charges all parts of the body.
  6. Surya Mudra: Obesity, cholesterol etc.
  7. Vayu Mudra: For joint pains, stomach problems etc.
  8. Prithvi Mudra: For peace of mind, Energy etc.
Learn how to do Magical Healing, Hand Mudras for Restoring Your Wellness!

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