DIY Ayurvedic Hair Care

Ayurvedic regimes incorporate the use of herbs and natural powders native to India, which are used religiously and renown for the evident role they play in boosting long, thick and voluptuous hair. To top it off they are preservative/silicone/synthetic ingredient and sulphate free!

Ayurvedic Hair Care Ingredients List
  1. Neem | Acts as an antibacterial powder which is widely used to cure, or control dandruff, therefore promoting a healthy scalp.
  2. Henna | Natural dye, as well as hair strengthener and temporary shaft thickener, is also used to encourage smoother and shinier hair.
  3. Brahmi | Antioxidant properties, known to reduce hair loss and promote growth and hair strengthening.
  4. Amla (amalaki) | Great hair conditioning properties, whilst also strengthening, nourishing and keeping grey hairs at bay
  5. Bhringraj | Used as a natural conditioning agent as well as hair loss reducer.
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  6. Shikakai | Used as a scalp cleansing age
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  7. Hibiscus | Encourages healthy hair growth, conditions hair, prevents hair loss and also known to thicken new growth.
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