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Menopause: Herbs that Heal

Menopause is a completely natural biological process, and therefore not a problem to solve. And although it concludes the time in a woman’s life for fertility, you can stay healthy, vital and sexual through your 50s and well beyond. That being said, there is generally a hormonal shift that occurs in women during menopause that may lead to mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia and other common symptoms.

Here are some effective ayurvedic herbs that heal the symptoms of MenopauseTriphala: This blend of herbs is a powerful tonic for the digestive system. If you are feeling sluggish, dull or occasionally constipated, chances are that toxins are building up in your body. Toxins accumulate when your digestion — and elimination — are out of balance, which can lead to skin breakouts, menstrual cramps, fatigue, feelings of sadness and many other health issues. Triphala is the every-night, overnight detox and digestion balancer, supporting assimilation, balanced agni and ojas. Organic Amla Berry-Ac…

The Basic Mudras for Restoring Your Wellness

According to ancient Vedic wisdom, your health is literally in your hands. This is because the four fingers and the thumb represent the five major building blocks or the ‘Panchamahabhutas’ of which the entire universe is made viz. Sky (Ether), Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Disease emerges when these five elements are out of balance.

The Basics of Mudras Thumb – The fire (Agni)
Index finger – The air (Vayu)
Middle finger – The ether (Aakasha)
Ring finger – The earth (Prithvi)
Small finger – The water (Jala)

So as to bring back the balance in the five elements, there are some specific methods of touching and aligning the fingers with each other.

These are referred to as ‘Hast-Mudras’ and this easy and doable therapy may be practiced anytime as an augmented relief from your malady as well as a handy tool for restoring your wellness.
Akash Mudra: For Ear problemsDhyan Mudra: For Concentration power, depression, and for all mind related problemsHridya Mudra: For Heart disease, asthma, and respi…

Homemade DIY Tricks to Minimize Crow's Feet

If your skin has started to sag and you can see folds and there are crow's feet under the eyes. Then follow these homemade DIY tricks to Minimize Crow's Feet and Loosening of Skin. But before that understand what causes crow feet and loosening.

What causes Crow Feet & Loosening of Face SkinFacial Expressions: Repeated facial expressions, such as squinting in the sun or frequent smiling can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
Smoking: The normal aging process of the skin accelerates when a person smokes tobacco products.  Air Pollution: Pollutants in the air can cause wrinkles to form on the skin. A common culprit is ozone, which is behind depleted amounts of vitamin E in the skin. With the loss of this vital antioxidant, increased levels of damage are allowed to take place.
Quick Weight Loss: When an individual loses weight too fast, the volume of fat cells that once served as a cushion for the face decreases. Chemical reactions that take place in the skin will…

Secret Home Recipes for Fair Skin Complexion Naturally

It is always a better idea to opt for natural treatments for skin and when it comes to making skin glow, nothing works better than the quick home recipes. Here are few home recipes and ayurvedic skin care tips which can work wonders for making your skin glow and making your complexion fair naturally.

For Normal Skin TypeTake half an orange or tomato juice and mix it well with around two teaspoonfuls of curd. Now, apply this smooth solution onto your face in an upward motion. Let it dry for a while and then rinse it off with cold water. Wipe it dry and you'll be ready with a glowing and healthy looking skin within a span of few minutes.Papaya is extremely healthy for all kinds of skin type. Just rub the inner part of papaya onto the face and rinse it off after a couple of minutes. This would render an instant glow on your skin.Another herbal beauty tip for preventing wrinkles and tightening the skin is application of cabbage juice on face. Extract the juice of 50 grams of cabbage b…

Quick Home Remedies to minimise Dark Circles

Dark circles can develop at an early age, like adolescence and early 20s, although it is more common in older people. 
Dark circles around the eyes can develop due to hereditary factors, lack of sleep, illness, stress and nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, along with external treatment, it is advisable to take these aspects into consideration in order to establish the cause and bring about the necessary changes.
The way to prevent dark circles is to have a nutritious and balanced diet, including fresh fruits, salads, yogurt and sprouts in your daily diet, along with unprocessed cereals, skimmed milk, cottage cheese (paneer), lentils and beans.
Daily exercise, along with deep breathing, helps blood circulation, oxygenation and control of stress. Adequate sleep and relaxation are very important.

Some home remedies can be used to minimize dark circles, brighten the eyes and reduce fatigue: - Cucumber juice is a common remedy. It should be applied daily around eyes and washed off with plai…

Health Benefits of Turmeric | Curcumin (Haldi)

Turmeric, also known as curcuma longa, is a very common herb. Turmeric was traditionally known as Indian saffron as its orange- deep yellow color is identical to that of prized saffron. Turmeric has a deep orange flesh and strong brown skin. This herb has a very interesting aroma and taste. Its flavor is warm, peppery and bitter. People across the globe use this herb in their cooking. Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow color. It has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. This spice has almost no calories (1 tablespoon = 24 calories) and zero cholesterol.

Turmericcontains a wide range of antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also loaded with many healthy nutrients such as protein, dietary fiber, niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc. Due to all these factors, turmeric is often used to treat…

Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have the power to nourish the entire body.
They are a rich source of easily digestible and assimilable protein which is essential for the repair of tissues, nerves, and cells. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of Vitamin D, B-complex, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E. Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is an antioxidant that can protect cells from free-radical damage and aid in preventing heart disease, cancer, and eye degeneration such as cataracts. Sunflower seeds are also high in selenium, magnesium, zinc, and iron which helps to strengthen the blood and immune system. They also contain lignans, phenolic acids, and tryptophan making them an ideal food to eat for those who are seeking better sleep and weight loss. Sunflower seeds have also been known to help prevent asthma, atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, clogged arteries, and osteoarthritis. They contain no cholesterol and are very low in saturated fats making them highly beneficial for the cardiovascular sys…

Try Effective Weight Loss Ayurvedic Medicine

There are so many theories on weight loss. But we need to understand our bodies and the food we choose for our survival. Without understanding the importance of nutrition each food group has for our overall wellness we just unmindfully remove them from our diets just because we want to lose weight. For any healthy weight loss a proper nutritious diet which includes good carbs, healthy proteins, natural fibre and ample water to keep our body hydrated. Always remember good healthy body can only lose weight lest we would always be challenged with various diets and short term gains.

To stay healthy, the first thing we need to understand the Ayurveda recommended Dincharya
Essential Things for Weight Loss
Break the myths and turn to the basics.Include Complex carbohydrates as they are not fattening.Don't discard dairy products as they are not fatteningBanana is ideal for any weight loss programmePotatoes Size and Quantity Does Matter But Do Include in your DietWrong Habits with Alcohol …

An Ayurveda Guide to Foot Care

We often neglect our feet but caring for your feet is important. In ancient Ayurveda, foot care has benefits for your entire nervous system and body. All you need is five minutes each day with the following foot care rituals, to ensure stress and fatigue is wiped away from your body, mind and soul.

Your feet speak about your overall health. In ancient Ayurveda,foot care has benefits for your entire nervous system and body. It is said that on the mind and soles of the foot can be found points that are connected to every organ and part of the body. It is important to keep your feet healthy, happy and nourished. Nurturing them and pampering them regularly aids the body and soul in finding connection.
According to Vagbhata, the most influential author of classical Ayurveda, the human body is an upside down tree wherein the roots are located at the top and the branches are pointing downwards. The feet are an important Karmendriya, or organ of action, and their relation to eye health is desc…

Health Facts About Indian Bael Fruit or Wood Apple

Bael, also known as the “Wood Apple”, is a species native to India. The bael tree is considered to be sacred to the Hindus. A famous drink known as bael sherbet is made from the bael fruit and it has been known for its medicinal values since 2000 BC.

The health benefits of Bael include relief from constipation, indigestion, peptic ulcer, piles, respiratory problems, diarrhea, and dysentery. It also boosts the immune system, fights off bacterial and viral infections, reduces inflammatory conditions, prevents cancer, increases milk production for nursing mothers, cures diabetes, improves ocular health, and helps prevent sexual dysfunctions.

The wood apple tree can grow up to 30 feet in height and the edible fruits are 5-9 cm in diameter. Bael fruit is a sweet, aromatic fruit. Their shells are tough, and the inside consists of a brownish pulp and small white seeds. The pulp can be eaten raw, but it is popularly scooped out and frozen or made into jam. It can also be mixed with coconut m…

Grow Thick Hair Naturally with Betel Leaves(Paan ka Patta)

Betel leaves in Indian culture is used in most of the religious ceremonies and also eaten in the form of a paan after meals. But did you know that these leaves also can be used in your skincare and haircare regime? Yes, the humble betel leaves are rich in vitamin C and have a lot of beauty benefits. Here are some ways in which this heart shaped leaf can make you look more gorgeous.

Reduces Hair FallBetel leaves are used in Ayurveda practice for hair fall-related issues. You can make your very own go-to hair fall remedy by grinding some betel leaves with sesame oil to make an anti-hair fall hair mask. Apply this paste to all sections of your scalp and leave it on for an hour. Wash it off using a mild shampoo and towel dry your hair.Betel leaves (paan patta) grinded and mixed with Gingery (Til) oil or mixed with Coconut oil applied on the scalp before taking bath helps to overcome hair fall problem. Magical Betel Hair Recipe for Quick Hair Growth

DIY Ayurvedic Hair Care

Ayurvedic regimes incorporate the use of herbs and natural powders native to India, which are used religiously and renown for the evident role they play in boosting long, thick and voluptuous hair. To top it off they are preservative/silicone/synthetic ingredient and sulphate free!

Ayurvedic Hair Care Ingredients List
Neem | Acts as an antibacterial powder which is widely used to cure, or control dandruff, therefore promoting a healthy scalp.Henna | Natural dye, as well as hair strengthener and temporary shaft thickener, is also used to encourage smoother and shinier hair.Brahmi| Antioxidant properties, known to reduce hair loss and promote growth and hair strengthening.Amla (amalaki) | Great hair conditioning properties, whilst also strengthening, nourishing and keeping grey hairs at bayBhringraj | Used as a natural conditioning agent as well as hair loss reducer.
Related Article: Benefits of Bhringraj for Hair GrowthShikakai | Used as a scalp cleansing age
Related Article: Benefits of S…

Your Ancestors Didn't Sleep Like You - The Unknown Fact

Nobody questions the importance of getting enough sleep. At minimum, it’s essential for rejuvenating the mind and revitalizing the body. But, what is enough? And what does it look like? Many people find they wake during the night and wonder if they’re suffering from a sleep disorder or other health issue. While that could be totally possible, it’s also possible that sleep may not be an all-night thing. In fact, historical records, centuries-old literature, and ancient references to sleep are all revealing a whole new way we should be looking at how we slumber.

Segmented Sleep: More Normal Than You Realize

If waking up during the night is a frequent “problem” for you, you might wonder if you’re suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea. “Segmented sleep” is a seemingly irregular sleep pattern that may not be a disorder at all, but a natural biological response that we, in modern times, have forgotten.

Our ancestors used to naturally “practice” segmented sleep, using their middle-of-the-ni…

Are You Getting Enough?

Nature, I mean. 
Nature is essential to our lives - from the food on our plates to the clothes we wear, from medicines to mental health benefits.

As we rush about – things to do, people to see - it’s easy to overlook the importance of nature to us, our health, our community and beyond.

Pressures of daily life have increasingly detached us from nature even though nature in many forms is there for us. Children especially have a natural affinity with nature. Evidence is growing of how regular contact with nature boosts newborn children’s healthy development, supports their physical and mental health and instils abilities to assess risk as they grow. It even underpins their informal learning and academic achievement.

This affinity tends to get knocked out of them as they grow. They come under pressure to put away childish things in favour of passing exams and getting a "proper job".

Along with digital distractions and legitimate fears about playing outdoors, the pressures are remo…

8 Effective Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

Test your Breath! Cup your hands. Breathe into them with a great deep haaaaa. Sniff. If the smell stinks to you, then it's deadly to those you come in contact with. It's time to try some simple ways to freshen your breath naturally!

Natural Remedies to Cure Bad BreathCarry a Toothbrush. Brush immediately after the meal to remove the plaque after each meal and get rid of some of the breath problem. Use Miswak Stick as a toothbrush or Powder as it strengthens the gums and prevents tooth decay and assists in eliminating toothaches and prevents further increase of decay which has already set in. Rinse your mouth out. Go to the restroom after meals and get a warm salt water rinse. A salt water (saline solution) rinse can prevent the buildup of infectious bacteria in the mouth or throat. Always gargle a minty mouthwash. Spice is Nice. For some quick fresh breaths before an important meeting chew a mint or some gum or pick up that sprig of parsley and chew it thoroughly. Carry a tiny …

Baby Constipation Home Remedies

Babies or infants have their own pattern of bowel movements depending upon their foods, activity and digestion abilities.However, if your child gets constipation, you get to know it if s/he does not have a bowel movement in 3 or more days or has hard, dry stools that are difficult to pass. Treatment for baby constipation can be done by using certain home remedies. Here is a list of such constipation remedies for providing relief to your baby.

If your baby has just started taking solid baby food, it might be a cause of constipation as these foods are low in fiber. Request your doctor to change the baby food brand that might help in constipation treatment of your baby. With consultation of doctor, switch from rice cereal to barley or oat cereal, or you might add pureed fruits or vegetables to regular cereal. If your baby crawls, motivate her to do a few laps and if she isn't crawling, try pumping her legs gently. This will give her some exercise. Dehydration can be one of the causes…
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