Weight Loss - Understanding your Body Type

Dr. Korde stresses on the importance of knowing our body type, for that helps us to choosing everything in life (diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, relationships, etc.) It even helps us understand how to manage our weight keeping in mind our body type.

Weight management for the Kapha type who is a little on the heavier side is not easy, for he loves his food, eats slowly, and digests and metabolises very slowly as well. For a Pitta type of a person who is neither heavy nor lean but medium built, weight management is not an issue, he eats, digests and eliminates waste effortlessly. The Vata type individual who is usually thin and wiry eats as much as he wants but never seems to gain weight. 

If a Kapha type wishes to become as lean as a Vata type, it is next to impossible. And even if it is achieved, it is only for a very short duration before the body goes back to its original design. For a Pitta type, body weight doesn't matter, he will retain the same weight because of his active metabolism. The heat in the body melts the fat very fast and whatever is eaten is digested and metabolized very fast as well.

Many other choices are determined by our body type. Sleep is an example. A Kapha type would require more amount of sleep and if he controls the amount of sleep, he won't put on more weight. Eating habits are also determined by the body type, Kapha type should have eating habits that are a little different to the Pittas and Vatas. The Kapha type is advised to have a couple of glasses of warm water before a meal, for this helps in its digestion. The Pitta type is advised to take a little ghee, which is cooling, to regulate the digestive fire. And the Vata type is advised to eat a lot of sweets...
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