Cure Thyroid Naturally with Yoga Mudras

Shankh Mudra to cure Thyroid
Shankh Mudra to cure Thyroid
Many people throughout the world suffer from thyroid conditions. Thyroid has limited medicines available. Once started, the medicine is for life long. The best and most optimum ‘approach’ is yoga and asanas. Thyroid is controlled if not cured by proper yoga mudra, asanas and meditation techniques. Yoga has no side effects like regular steroids.

The asanas and mudras will cure hypo and hyperthyroidism and will not cause any other disease out of it. Yoga helps to cure it in a natural and most effective way. However yoga will also cure and heal other body systems and result in overall well being of the human body and soul. Since tension and anxiety are considered as one of the imperative reasons for thyroid disorders, regular meditation and chanting of ‘om’ for few minutes help to keep the mind and soul relaxed.


After even a small work, feeling tired, exhausted and lethargic is the primary symptom of thyroid. People suffering from thyroid do not feel like standing up and walking. They become this lazy! However extreme weight gain or weight loss is also indications of thyroid. Overall, one may look and feel old.

The other symptoms of thyroid are; increased sensitivity to cough and cold, constipation, dry skin, face and neck bulge, hoarseness, voice crack, muscle weakness, high cholesterol level, stiffness and aches in muscles and bones, slow heart rate, hair fall, short of memory and severe depression and mood swing. Indications and symptoms are low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, fall in body temperature, unfeelingness and even coma and prolonged senselessness.


Thyroid is controlled if not cured by proper yoga mudra, asanas and meditation techniques. Learn how to cure Thyroid with these Yoga Mudra.

Practicing the Shankh Mudra for 45 minutes, or 15 minutes, three times everyday is strongly recommended.

Yoga Nidra (Corpse Pose) is highly effective in both hypo and hyperthyroidism in cutting down anxiety and cooling down. For hyperthyroidism people may suffer from sleeping irregularities. Here yoga nidra can work wonders like a power nap during day time so that the body gets adequate peace while resting.


Different Asanas for Thyroid disorder are; Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Hala Ugrasana, Dhanurasana, Ustharasana, Veerasana, Trikonasana, Simhasana and Bhunjangasana. Among these, Sarvangasana is most popular and effective in controlling thyroid as the asana helps to regulate blood circulation of the body and ejecting out deposited secretions.


  • One essential part of curing thyroid is proper diet and well balanced lifestyle. Control of food will essentially lead to cure of thyroid diseases.
  • Controlled intake of iodine in optimum or prescribed quantity.
  • Fibre-rich food; less carbohydrate and less fat
  • Meals should have more and more green vegetables and fruits except banana, mango and grapes
  • Avoid non-veg, milk and milk products
  • Avoid junk and fast food, preserved food and oily and spicy dishes
  • Practice yoga regularly with patience
  • Take medicine ( if prescribed) without failure
  • Keep engaged and involved with work. Joblessness affects and increases thyroid
Suggested Supplements
  1. Sri Sri Ayurveda AmruthAyurvedic herbal tablets that support the immune system, liver and joints.
  2. Sri Sri Liv-On
    An effective proprietary medicine containing a range of herbs which alleviate aggravated pitta. Liv-On enhances appetite and also improves digestion.
We still suggest, you must consult an ayurvedic 
Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Diagnosis before you start any medicine.


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