Ayurveda Tips for Back Pain Attack

Back Pain Attack
Back Pain Attack
According to law of physics the heavier the object is, the more often you'll have to move it.
Trying to move the suddenly immovable is the number one cause of back problems. Your twist, push, turn, bend, lift, punch and strain in ways you never thought possible are the results of the back pain.

So if you experience the pain, there are things that can get you back from a painful attack.

Ayurveda Tips to Relief from a Back Pain Attack

Back pain comes in two forms, acute and chronic. Acute pain comes on suddenly and intensely. It's the kind you usually experience from doing something you shouldn't be doing or from doing it in the wrong way. The pain can be from sprains, strains or pulls on muscles in your back. It can hurt like crazy for several days but you can be pain free without any lasting effects by following self help tips.

Get off your Feet!
Your back will thank you for it. The first thing you should do is get some bed rest.

Put your Pain on Ice..
The best way to cool down an acute pain is with ice. For best results try ice massage. Put an ice pack on the site of the pain and massage the spot for 7 to 8 minutes. Do this for a day or two.

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Try some Heat Relief..
After the first day or two of ice switch to heat. Take a soft towel and put it in basin of very warm water. Wring it well and flatten it so that there are no creases in it. Lie chest down with pillows under your hips and ankles and fold the towel across the painful part of your back. Put some plastic wraps over that, then put a heating pad turned on medium on top of the plastic. This creates moist heat and will help reduce muscle spasms.

Note: It's ok to use both methods ie heat and cold. Do 30min of ice, then 30 min of heat and keep repeating the cycle.

Stretch to smooth a Spasm
Gently bring your knees up from bed and to your chest. Once there, put a little pressure on your knees. Stretch, then relax. repeat. Stretching will help the muscle calm down sooner than just waiting for it to calm down on its own.

Roll out of Bed
When you roll out of bed do it carefully and slowly. You can minimise the pain of getting out of bed by sliding to the edge of the bed. Once there keep your back rigid and then let your legs come off the bed first. That motion will act like a springboard, lifting your upper body straight up off the bed.

Systematic relaxation
Spend 10 minutes doing a systematic relaxation in savasana (corpse pose) instead. This practice can reduce muscle spasms, relieve tension, and calm the mind naturally.

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Car Seat Comfort
Does your back drives you crazy every time you buckle up? it could be that what you're sitting on the seat of your problem. Adjust lumbar support and adjust the support down as low as it goes. Buy a cushion of high resiliency foam.

Heal with Diet
Food is a powerful healer, too. Follow a vata-pacifying diet of warm, moist, mildly spiced, nourishing foods for a month and see if it makes a difference. The sweet, salty, and sour tastes are all vata pacifying—just make sure you find natural, healthy sources of sweets (like ripe plums, pears, or dates) and don’t overdo. Overeating aggravates vata.

Relieving Pain That Lasts and Lasts
For some people, back pain is a part of everyday life. For whatever reason, it just lingers on and on for what can seem like an eternity. Some suffer from recurring pain: and little movement can set in motion. This is called chronic pain.

In the ayurvedic tradition, regular oil massage, or snehana, is revered as a highly effective form of therapy for all sorts of ailments. Massage helps reduce pain because it tames vata, allays joint and muscle stiffness, increases circulation, mobilizes toxins, and relaxes the body. Find a qualified therapist to work with once a month. (Once a week would be even better.) If money is tight, simply give yourself an oil massage daily.

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Indulge in Gentle Asanas
Pain can discourage us from stretching and moving the way we normally do, but restricting your movement will only compound the problem. Toxins accumulate where there is stagnation and congestion in the body, and this causes pain. Contracting and relaxing our muscles with gentle asanas relieves the stagnation by mobilizing blood, lymph, and synovial fluid. Even 15 minutes of stretching every morning or evening will make a world of difference.

Here are 11 poses to help with back pain that you can do anywhere.
  1. Cross Leg Seated Twist
  2. Knee to Chest (rock side to side)
  3. Lying Single Leg Twist
  4. Single Leg Hamstring Stretch
  5. Straight Leg Seated Twist
  6. Butt Up Against Wall
Studies show that the essential oils of rosemary and thyme increase blood flow to muscles and create warmth, while peppermint and myrtle have temporary painkilling effects. Sprinkle a few drops into an aromatherapy diffuser, a hot bath, or your massage oil—and enjoy. (If you’re using essential oils on your skin, test first before applying broadly.)

Turmeric and ginger help reduce inflammatory pain, while valerian, kava kava, chamomile, skullcap, passionflower, hops, and jatamansi (the “Indian valerian”) help combat tension-related pain. And since chronic pain is often a combination of inflammation and tension, these herbs are often sold in combination formulas. They’re available online and at many health-food stores.
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