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post natal tips
Healthy Recovery Tips for New Mother

Post natal mother care in initial days is important considering the female health and cosmetic aspect. It's very important for the mother to take care of herself as she needs to regain previous figure and vigour, generate adequate breast milk for the baby and prevent future degeneration of body tissues.

Diet Recommended as per Ayurveda :

Mother can start her day early with Gum laddoo/ Garden cress seeds laddoo/ wheat flour laddoo/fenugreek seeds Laddoo and glass of milk with shatavari kalpa. Gum Ladoo commonly known as Dinka laddoo, is a sweet preparation made with edible gum, roasted dryfruits (almonds,dry coconut,dates), jaggery, ghee, etc. this not only tastes good but also has high nutritional values, facilitates lactation, strengthens back and reproductive organs post delivery. It also helps in regaining shape and size of the uterus.

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Note : In case of caesarean delivery, Gum laddoo should be consumed after 1 month.

Moong Dal Pancake
Moong Dal Pancake

Breakfast can comprise of any one of the options  –

  • Almond and date kheer,
  • Garden cress seeds (Lepidium Sativum) kheer
  • Sweet semolina/ dalia
  • Ragi or bajri porridge
  • Savouries like pancakes made with rice flour,wheat flour, moong dal, garlic ajwain parathas
Dates soaked in ghee, black currants, dry figs can be taken as a mid time munchers.
Add ghee in all preparations, replace sugar with jaggery wherever possible. All these preparation provide nourishment, enhances breast milk, strengthens and rejuvenates body tissues.
Moong Dal Khichdi

Lunch and Dinner

  • Roti made of jowar/bajra/rice flour chapati.
  • Moong dal or urad dal with rice or khichdi.
  • Veggies like drumstick, fenugreek, yam, raw banana, bottle gourd, dill, ridge gourd, snake gourd which are easily digestible can be consumed. Avoid using chillies as spice, instead use black pepper. Add garlic, coriander powder and ghee liberally in any food preparation.
  • Vegetable soups.
  • Aged lime pickle, garlic chutney can be included to enhance taste.
  • Avoid Chickpeas, peas, beans, potato, brinjal and any kind of fermented foods like bread, idli dosa, etc as they exert load on digestion and tend to increase vata.
Few other tips :
1 tsp of dill and ajwain seeds, a small piece of dry coconut should be consumed after every meal
Water medicated with dill and ajwain should be taken warm throughout the day.
Mid time snacks may include laddoos, or dates .

Ayurveda Daily Routine
As mentioned in the previous article, abhyanga should be done early morning with medicated oil, followed by vaginal fumigation and belly binding.
Hair should be oiled regularly with coconut oil.
Avoid direct wind or sitting in air-conditioned room
Head should be covered with scarf.
Strict hygiene should be maintained.
Adequate rest should be taken.
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