Incompatible Toxic Food Combinations As Per Ayurveda

Ayurveda: Food is a Medicine! But Wrong Food Combinations can Make the Food Toxic In Nature!

Wrong Food Combinations as per Ayurveda
Wrong Food Combinations as per Ayurveda
As per Ayurveda the diet, which maintains the balance among body elements/ homeostasis, is called Balancing diet / Wholesome diet . The proper food when taken in proper method nourishes the person both physically and mentally and it is the food through which person attains positive health.

The diet, which disturbs the balance among the body elements is called unbalanced diet. Unbalanced diet causes diseases on continued indulgence. So its very important that we eat right combinations of food and avoid foods which are incompatible which when used, may create harmful effects on the health.

To know more about Vriudha Attributes in Dietary Food refer to our last article.

  • After consuming green leafy vegetables, drinking of milk should be avoided. 
  • Meat of animals of marshy regions is incompatible with masa ( black gram), honey, milk, germinated grains, jaggery.
  • Milk is incompatible with: bananas, cherries, melons, sour fruit, fish, kitchari, meat, yogurt, and bread containing yeast.
  • Honey is incompatible with: equal ghee by weight (eg. 1 tsp honey with 3 tsp ghee) and boiled or cooked honey.
  • One should not take fish along with milk because this combination is Abhishyandi (great obstructer for channels), it vitiates blood. 
  • Consuming Curd at night. 
  • Consuming cold water immediately after having hot tea or coffee. 
  • Ghee kept for more than ten days in a bronze vessel should not be reheated again 
  • Combination of fruit salad, milk, banana should be avoided. 
  • Fruit is incompatible with: as a rule, with any other food, there are exceptions such as certain cooked combinations, as well as dates and milk, which have the same rasa, virya and vipaka.
  •  Intake of cold and dry substances in Winter, Pungent and hot substances in Summer
  • Intake of heavy food when the power of digestion is low, intake of light food when the power of digestion is sharp and intake of food at variance with irregular and normal power of digestion.
  • Starches are incompatible with – Eggs, milk, banana, and dates.
  • Nightshades (potato, tomato, eggplants) are incompatible with –yogurt, milk, melons, and Cucumber.
  • Yogurt is incompatible with – sour fruits, hot drinks, fish, meat, mangoes, and cheese.
  • Lemon is incompatible with – Yogurt, milk, cucumber, and tomatoes.
  • Grain is incompatible with: fruit and tapioca.
  • Hot drinks are incompatible with: mangoes, cheese, fish, meat, starch, and yogurt.
  • Radishes are incompatible with: bananas, raisins, and milk.
  • Eggs are incompatible with: fruit, especially melons; cheese, kitchari, milk, and yogurt.
  • Melons are incompatible with: everything, especially dairy, eggs, fried food, grains, starches. More than most fruit, melons should be eaten alone.
  • Tapioca is incompatible with: fruit, especially banana and mango; raisins, and jaggery.
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