Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Health Benefits of Almond Milk
Almond Milk has many Health Benefits
Almond Milk is a Good Substitute for Lactose Intolerant People

Almond milk is a wonderful soothing drink that builds strength, immunity, and grounded energy. Its cool, heavy sweetness creates a sensation of stability and calm in the body, while offering easily accessible energy. For those suffering from lactose intolerance, Almond Milk is an excellent substitute any time you would use milk or cream. Almond milk is lighter and less drying than almonds. Almond milk rich in various nutrients is very good for health. It contains energy, protein, and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and sodium. Further, it is a good source of vitamin D and vitamin E that help in improving cognitive health along with skin care and hair care.

Almond milk is an excellent dairy substitute. Add it to your morning chai, or use it to thicken soups or oatmeal. Since Ayurveda discourages the mixing of milk with meals, substituting almond milk in your cream based soups or as a thickening agent for sauces can be an excellent way to enjoy your favorite dishes even more. Your body will feel lighter as you digest your dinner efficiently!

Almond Milk Nutrition Facts

Almond milk prepared from almonds is low in fat but high in energy, proteins, lipids, and fiber. It contains minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc. The other nutrients available in this milk include vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, and vitamin E. All these nutrients have various benefits which are essential for a healthy body.

The Health Benefits of Almond Milk

The health benefits of almond milk include weight loss, stronger bones, improvement of vision, and a healthy heart. It also helps in building strong muscles, maintaining ideal blood pressure, and ensuring a properly-functioning kidney. It is a good alternative for a nursing mothers’ milk. Most people have easy access to dairy milk. Though not very common, almond milk has been used for years as a substitute for cow milk that is readily available and relatively easy to get. Dairy milk is known for its high content of various vitamins and minerals but almonds have been proven to contain extra nutrients. This is why almond milk is recommended as a good option for those who do not consume any form of dairy products, those who have cow milk allergy/intolerance (CMA/CMI) or people who are vegans.Buy Organic Almonds from Amazon

Homemade Almond Milk 

Almond milk is made from almonds. First soak the almonds overnight in water and then rinse them. Blend the almonds in fresh water. You may add sweetener, to taste. Filter the pulp using a fine strainer and it is ready to be consumed. The leftover mixture can be dried and used in your diet. You can also prepare almond milk by mixing almond butter with water.
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