Everyday Ayurveda: Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life in a Day

We all fall sick sometime or the other and it is not always possible to run to a doctor. In such scenarios, some useful home tricks and tips help us to be cured naturally without any pills or painful injections. 'Everyday Ayurveda: Daily habits that can change your life in a day’ has very useful tips and tricks that helps in preventing disease and eliminating the root cause of the disease from the body instead of suppressing it for a while. Ayurveda is a store house of traditional home remedies to treat various kinds of health problems that we suffer from and it helps in rejuvenating and gaining back the vigour of the body in the most natural way possible.

Dr Bhaswati Bhattacharya is a physician, holistic medicine specialist and a lecturer. In her book Everyday Ayurveda, she unravels the secret curing process of Ayurveda and explains the scientific reason behind the changes that she recommends to make in our life so that we can live longer and live healthy.

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