Homemade Thick & Delicious Curd in Earthen Pot

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Are you tired of eating runny, watery, sour yogurt? Would like to make thick, silky & delicious yogurt without the fuss and the ‘straining’ and without the harmful additives like gelatin (glue made from animal bones), pectin (a bio-polymer acid, lab made ingredient), powdered milk etc. Want pure yogurt without losing the liquid probiotics?
Then make it in a real clay pot, just the way it’s been done for many, many centuries in yogurt eating cultures! You can get thick, delicious & nutritious yogurt when made in an unglazed Pure & Natural clay pot.

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One should avoid yogurts in market because a lot of the good stuff in yogurt is processed out in the stores. It is usually loaded with unhealthy sugars and artificial sweeteners, plus a number of other additives for color and flavor not to mention the artificial thickeners (pectin, gelatin vegetable shortening etc) . Also yogurt is heat processed to increase shelf life, which can destroy live bacterial cultures. And when it’s so easy to make it in your clay pot, why buy yogurt in the first place?
Here’s how to make Thick, Delicious yogurt
For setting curd in an earthen pot, transfer well heated and warm milk slowly inside the pot avoiding bubbles. Avoiding bubbles will result in smooth texture. Take a small quantity of curd in a tablespoon, add a little sugar and mix it uniformly with a little bit of water. The presence of sugar will help in a smooth texture and delay the process of curd getting sour. When the milk in the pot is lukewarm, add the small portion of the curd and mix it in the entire milk, slowly with the same table spoon covering the whole milk without creating any air bubbles. Then cover the pot with a good dining plate or simply with a good cloth. Leave aside the pot undisturbed for 6 to 8 hours and enjoy the curd.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Homemade Curd:
The benefits of yogurt are overwhelming: Your yogurt is a good source of many minerals needed to stay healthy. It is high in zinc. Zinc is important for cell growth and repair. One eight-oz. serving has around 42 percent of your daily calcium, a crucial aspect of healthy bones. Yogurt also has a high amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus works with calcium to help with bone strength and growth. Natural yogurt also has 15 percent of your daily value of potassium that helps to keep your muscles working properly…

Vitamins: Your homemade yogurt is also a great source of multiple B vitamins like Riboflavin or Vitamin B2, B8, B1 and B5. And also a rich source of Thiamin and Foliate.

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