Morning Yoga Exercises for Peaceful Mind & Body

We are always surrounded by busy schedules, loud noises, deadlines and daily chaos that we don't even remember when was the last that we saw the first rays of sunlight. But if we really want that time for ourselves we should wake up at 4:30 to the mystical moment where the Sun would appear. See how rays of light break over the horizon, and the landscape below us slowly emerge from darkness. It's serene, its beautiful, it's peaceful. See how quiet, and a serene silence enfold us for the day. Trust me you would love the experience.

Let's commit to our body and mind an early wake up call and do our morning rituals to be peaceful and calm for the rest of our day.

Five stages of practice can help us acquire a deeper level of silence within:
Body awareness;
Body and breath awareness combined;
Breath awareness alone;
Breathing combined with mantra;
Mantra alone.

This experience of silence is amplified by concentration. Conversely, when concentration is abandoned, silence is diminished as well. A mantra, then, is a sound that leads to silence. This silence, gradually acquired through an awakening of the inner observer, is both transforming and lasting.

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