Peppermint for Skincare & Health Benefits

Peppermint has a wonderful cooling effect on the skin. When used in skincare products, it nourishes dull skin and helps balance out oily skin. It can also alleviate bites, stings, burns and scalds, and best of all, peppermint essential oil has a sublimely uplifting aroma, which can enhance memory and alertness.

Peppermint oil is an aromatic herb that has many versatile uses. The oil extracted from the herb is pale yellow in color. It has a very minty aroma that is cooling and refreshing. Peppermint oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, Vitamins A and C, minerals, potassium, manganese and copper.

Peppermint oil can cure indigestion. You can add it to your food as a flavoring agent or drink few drops with a glass of warm water after your meal. Since peppermint oil is carminative in nature, it helps to reduce a stomach upset.

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Urinary tract infection:
Peppermint essential oil can cure urinary tract infections, as it will reduce the effects and frequency of UTI.

Peppermint oil is a good home remedy to cure nausea. Apply peppermint oil in the diluted form on your forehead or inhale it to eliminate the effects of nausea. This gives a cooling effect and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the pain of migraine, when applied topically.
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Peppermint oil is the best natural remedy to get relief from headaches. Sprinkle few drops of the oil on a handkerchief or dab it on your wrist and inhale it to get rid of a nagging headache. It is also used for migraines as an excellent stress buster.

Peppermint oil can alleviate stress and pain after a long and tiring day. Apply some drops of peppermint oil on your body and take bath. The refreshing properties of this wonderful oil will energize you and its cooling properties will remove body pain.

Hair health:
Peppermint oil acts as an antiseptic for the scalp. Massage your scalp with this awesome oil to remove dandruff and lice. Try this Lice ERADICATOR Foam Spray Mousse, Non-Toxic, New Natural Peppermint Formula, 4oz with foam applicator

Regular massaging reduces scalp irritation, dry skin, stimulates hair growth and gives healthy and shiny hair. Peppermint oil is widely used in hair care products like shampoos and oils.


Skin care:
Peppermint blends with most of the other essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, marjoram and can be used for steam bath, massages and mud packs. It contains menthol that nourishes dull skin and boosts the texture of oily skin. This oil is best to keep your pimples at bay and your face blemish-free.




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