Serving Ideas For Garlic

Garlic is known for tremendous nutritional facts, it contains high quantity of vitamins and minerals. Filled with health promoting nutrients, which have proven benefits against coronary heart diseases, garlic contains Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-1 and Calcium.

Common Name : Garlic(Lehsun)
Botanical Name : Allium sativum
Forms :Tablet~Powder~Capsules~

Garlic known to contain a chemical called allicin, which contributes to its unique smell, this seems to be the key to its positive effect on people suffering from plenty of disorders.

Chemical constituents of garlic in every 100 grams are 33% of copper, 21% of iron, 26% selenium and 73% of manganese.

Garlic is a major ingredient of many of our recipes, below are some of the interesting serving ideas.

  1. Garlic and prawns make an excellent combination, as it helps in eradicating the odors of seafood. 
  2. Roast garlic can be eaten anytime. 
  3. Garlic can also be baked with shallots and served as an appetizer. 
  4. Crushed garlic can be added to butter, which flavors it and garlic butter can be used to spread on bread. 
  5. Garlic puree is added to almost all Indian curries. 
  6. You can also make a caramelized garlic tart. 
  7. Garlic puree can be added to chicken for preparing an Indonesian classic dish called Garlic fried chicken. 
  8. Many Koreans also pickle their garlic. 
  9. A great amount of garlic can also be added to risotto an Italian dish. 
  10. If you are in the mood to make pasta, then there is nothing like a creamy garlic pasta with shrimp. 
  11. You can also add garlic to mashed potatoes for that extra flavor. 
  12. There isn’t a better snack than cheese garlic bread which can be served as an appetizer at parties.


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