Ridge Gourd in Ayurveda

A natural jaundice remedy, the fruits of Luffa acutangula (Ridge Gourd) (belonging to family cucurbitaceae) are grown, harvested before maturity and is very popular in Asia. Ridge gourd as whole, seeds and dried crusts are all used for medicinal purposes.

Ayurveda has attributed ride gourd with a number of health benefits which current clinical research is supporting as well. The ridge gourds are rich in minerals and are very alkaline for the body and hence they have a cooling effect on the body.

From Ayurveda point of view, ridge gourd increases vata and kapha, but it cools down and pacifies the dosha pitta in the body.

In spite of their bland taste, ridge gourds have many health benefits. Click Here to Know More

Ayurvedic remedies with Ridge Gourd
  1. For jaundice: One cup Ridge gourd juice mixed with 2 spoons of sugar, if taken twice daily cures jaundice.
  2. For bleeding from wounds: The pulp of the ridge gourd is ground and applied on the wound. This will stop bleeding from the wounds.
  3. For stomach worms: 1 Ridge gourd boiled in two glasses of water and then adequate salt is added to it. If this mixture is taken twice daily, stomach worms will be killed.
  4. For asthma: Grind the gourd to extract ½ cup ridge gourd juice mixed with sugar and taken twice a day will cure asthma.
  5. For Hair: Ridge Gourd helps in enriching the hair roots as well as in restoring pigment. You need to make a hair tonic using coconut oil to use it for your graying hair. - See more at: Ridge Gourd is a Natural Hair Color for your Gray Hair


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