Sunlight Kills Germs Quickly

Germs are all around us, in the air we breathe, and often the water we drink. They find their way into our food, usually because of poor methods of handling.

Most germs can grow only in warm, moist places, such as the creases in the skin, the palms of the hands, and around the rectum and genital areas. It is important for all of us to wash our hands frequently and bathe the whole body thoroughly every day. This will help to protect us from serious infection. We should also be sure to clean our teeth and gums, brushing them carefully two or three times every day.

Nearly all germs die quickly when exposed to direct rays of the sun. Nothing is more powerful than sunlight in ridding the community of germs. The sensible home maker will see to it that her house is well ventilated and thoroughly aired each day. Allow the sun's rays to fall directly on the floors in each room as often as possible. Blankets and other bedding should be frequently placed in the sunshine. Tuberculosis germs are often found in the dust of the street, mostly because of spitting or other objectionable habits. They are often brought into house on people's feet.  But they are very dangerous, especially to young children crawling around on the floor.

All floors should be swept and thoroughly cleaned every day.  Make a habit to have separate sleepers for home and outside. Prefer to have your shoe racks placed outside the house so that you remove your street shoes outside before entering home.

The traditional Eastern custom of removing one's street shoes outside and washing one's feet before entering a house has much to recommend it. Cleanliness is absolutely essential to health. Clean hands, clean bodies and clean homes are the very basis of healthy living.


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