Full Body Contour Pregnancy Pillow

During pregnancy finding a comfortable sleeping arrangement can be a big challenge! For many people using one pillow while being pregnant is nowhere even close to being enough. All said and done, a pregnant woman probably uses around four pillows on an average – one for the neck, a pregnancy back support pillow, a bump support pillow, a body pillow for hip pain and lastly one for the feet. But, why bother with all of that when you can just opt for a pregnancy pillow or a maternity pillow!

Being pregnant and carrying that weight, the whole day means that you will experience body cramps, back pain, and neck pain often while you sleep. You can’t take off that weight at the end of the day when you crawl into bed.

Pregnancy Contour U Pillow
Pregnancy Contour U Pillow

So this Pregnancy Contour U Pillow helps alleviate discomfort by providing support to the unique shape of pregnancy with a unique contoured shape of its own. Multiple pillow configurations allow moms to find comfort no matter how they choose to sleep whether it's on their back side or otherwise. Sleep peacefully throughout the night gently supported by the Pregnancy Contour U Pillow. This generously oversized multifunctional U shape body pillow is long enough for you to stretch out and provides equal support to both sides of your body. The hour glass inner curves and contours to your entire back while aligning your hips for neutral joint positioning. Also, helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, lower back pain, ankle pain, and more. Buy Pregnancy Contour U Pillow of your choice Now!

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