Quick Reference Book for Fathers on How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy

A handy reference for any father looking to be useful, this guide can also be used by any woman looking for fast, effective answers about her pregnancy. Information designed to make a pregnant woman happy, including ideal baby growth, monitoring and testing choices, diet and nutrition, and tips on how to make her more comfortable is featured. Also covered are her fears about the well-being of the baby, her fears about labor and delivery, and postpartum depression. From the man's perspective, issues such as feeling disconnected from the pregnancy and handling mood swings are addressed in detail.

This is surely a quick reference book FOR DADS and (to be politically correct) "life-partners."
"If there is a dad-to-be in the relationship who actually cares about the mother & child, HE should be the one reading this book. It's a great resource for helping guys understand what's going on, as well as how to treat your wives/partners like queens. It doesn't pretend to tell you how to completely understand women; that's impossible, especially during pregnancy. It does, however, give advice on how to deal with things in a healthy, positive way. This book explains everything in layman's terms, but with enough depth to keep from insulting intelligence.

Go grab it now!
 > How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy: Quick and Effective Home Remedies for Over 60 of Pregnancy's Most Common Problems (The Sharpman Edge, 4)


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