Lotus Seeds Health Benefits

Makhana, Phool Makhana, Foxnut, Lotus Seeds, Gorgon Nut, Euryale, Ferox different names, multiple health benefits.

Lotus seeds
are obtained from the lotus flower. They are a versatile food and can be eaten raw or cooked. The dried lotus seeds can be popped like popcorn and eaten. There are two types of lotus seeds, white and brown peel. The shells, membranes and bitter germ of the seed of the white lotus seeds are removed during harvest. Brown lotus peels, which get their color from the ripened seed which attaches to the membrane, are cracked in order to remove the germ.

These seeds are highly useful in terms of nutritional benefits. They are the edible seeds of lotus flower which can be roasted or fried. These are used in many dishes of India. They are also considered as very pious food and used in many rituals. Along with this they are also highly beneficial in terms of nutritional values. These seeds are a rich source of phosphorus, protein, potassium and magnesium. They may also contain zinc and iron. The seeds contain low levels of sugar, sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat.
There are 189 calories in a 50 piece serving of phool makhana. Calorie breakdown: 11%fat, 61% carbs, 28% Protein.
Health Benefits
  1. As lotus seeds are powerful antioxidants they also known as anti aging foods. Aging is also a result of adverse effects of free radicals in the body. 
  2. They are high in fiber so helps to avoid constipation. They help the body to remove the waste and thus prevent the accumulation of toxins. 
  3. Lotus seeds regulate the blood pressure as they are low in sodium and high in potassium. 
  4. It can be digested by all age groups. You can also give them to children by little bit roasting and adding salt to it. This will be a healthy snack for them rather than chips and French fries. 
  5. They are low in calories, fat and high in fiber so can be a good food for diabetics. They also helps to lower the blood sugar levels, so a healthy snack for diabetics. 
  6. They are also recommended for women in pregnancy and post natal weakness. They maintain healthy pregnancy and benefit the kidney and spleen to build up body’s energy. 
  7. These seeds are used traditionally to treat insomnia and restlessness as they are thought to have sedative and calming properties. 
  8. Due to its astringent properties it helps to combat diarrhea and also helps to improve appetite. 
  9. These seeds are also used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic pains. 
  10. As they are high in fiber and low in calories so a great food for weight loss too. One can also munch on them as this will not add free calories. 
  11. Lotus seeds are also very useful in anemia. It’s been used in traditional medicine from long time to cure many ailments. 
  12. It is also rich in calcium.
  13. It is a highly regarded herb for restoring sexual vigor and youthful energy in older men. Ayurveda and Unani (branches of medicine) texts have accepted its aphrodisiac and spermatogenic properties. Lotus seeds increases the quality and quantity of semen, prevents premature ejaculation, increases libido and helps in female infertility. 
  14. According to ayurveda it decreases the vata and pitta doshas which are the air and fire imbalances which leads to many health problems.

    So from the above health benefits you can see that these seeds are not only nutritionally rich but also help to heal many health problems. So start using these healthy seeds in your daily diet and get the long term health benefits.
You can include Lotus Seeds in your Diet in the form of various recipes. You can consume them as
  1. Roasted Makhana Snacks
  2. Phool Makhani Curry
  3. Phool Makhana Kheer
  4. Phool Makhana Halwa
  5. Kaju Khumb Makhana By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
  6. Makhana Pulao


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