Ayurveda Herbs & Therapies to Increase Height Naturally

A potted plant never attains its maximum height if the natural growth promoting factors like water, sun-light, rooting system are restricted. This is in analogy to human growth, says Ayurveda. Though, genetically, every person has been preprogrammed to attain a certain height, most people never reach this height simply because they do not do everything necessary for their body to maximize growth. Identifying and correcting the inhibiting factors can achieve growth promotion, in most of the cases.
The basic fundamental for increasing height naturally is a balanced diet!

It is very important that you take a complete balanced diet which gives you the essential nutrients required by the body for proper growth. Some essential nutrients good for the physical development of your body are as follows:
  • Vitamin D and proteins: Boost growth hormones and assist in proper growth of teeth and bones. Consume more lean meat, cheese, legumes, tofu, egg white.
  • Zinc: Zinc consumption is good for children as it prevents their stunted growth. Foods rich in zinc are chocolate, eggs, oysters, asparagus, peanuts etc.
  • Calcium: Consume more of dairy products and green vegetables. This helps in the development of bones.
  • Minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins: For a balanced diet, don’t forget to include milk, eggs, soybean, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables in your diet.
Note: It is extremely dangerous to take drugs and alcohol at a young age. Consuming these products can lead to stunted growth and malnutrition. Also reduce the intake of caffeine. Avoid taking steroids. They obstruct bone growth in young children, thereby affecting their height.

You need to have Strong Immune System
Take plenty of vitamin C. Consume citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit and lemon. You can keep your immune system strong by eating whole and fresh foods, legumes, whole grains, foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Also avoid consuming processed and hydrogenated foods. This will help you to maintain a healthy immune system.

Ayurveda therapies for height:
  • Rasaayana therapy bestows the strength of all tissues. It helps slowing down the ageing process, enhances memory, improves the functioning of vital organs, and nourishes all the tissues.
  • Kaaya kalpa therapy provides strength to the body as well motor and sensory organs. It provides nourishment to all tissues.
  • Suvarna prashan therapy helps to improve the physical and mental development of the body thereby promoting height too.
  • Panchkarma therapies for increasing height:
    • Abhyangam (Full body massage with herbal medicated oils)
    • Vasthy (Herbal medicated enema)
    • Nasyam (Herbal medicated nasal drops)
For all these therapies you can consult your nearby Ayurveda Wellness Center. You can also consult Baba Ramdev Yog Gram- Naturopathy-Panchkarma Treatment and Research Center
Ayurveda herbs which are useful to increase height naturally:


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