Ayurveda Recommends Breakfast as per your Body Constitution

As per Ayurveda, food is supposed to be consumed on fixed time. Our body is not made to eat anything at anytime. Jatharaagni(digestive fire) is at the highest for 2.5 hours after sunrise. This is the time to have the biggest meal of the day. All the heavy foods like stuffed parathaas, sweets etc. should be had in the morning meal. What you like best you should eat in the morning. So that you can eat your fill. This will ensure you are mentally satisfied as well as physically. This is of extreme importance. If you are fulfilled with the food you are eating, the Pineal gland will be most active and you will stay healthier as well as happier.

Another important thing is one should eat as per their constitution. This will keep your doshas balanced at all times. A few indicative menus have been suggested here for your easy reference. With a number of delicious recipes of some of the items that are tastefully and healthily just right for you.

# Please note in these menus, notations indicated denote:

G  - Grains, breads, cereals, rice & pasta
V  - Vegetables & fruits
M  - Meat & meat alternatives
D  - Dairy, milk, milk products
O  - Other foods, sweets, condiments and beverages

Ideal Breakfast for Vata
In Summer
Oatmeal muffins or
Pancakes (G)
Seasonal Sweet fruits
leater 1 hour before any
other food (U). Breakfast
Tea with Sweetner if

In Winter
Creamed wheat porridge (G)
Milk for porridge if desired (D)
Breakfast Tea with Sweetner
if desired.

Ideal Breakfast for Pitta
In Summer
Oat bran muffin with ghee or oat or wheat granola (G)
Seasonal fruit (V)
'eaten 1 hour before any other food) Milk for cereal, if desired (D)
Mint Chai or Agni Tea, (O)

In Winter
Creamed Wheat Porridge or Oatmeal (G)
Milk or ghee with porridge, if desired (D)
Breakfast Tea with maple syrup or sweetener, if desired (O)

Ideal Breakfast for Kapha
In Summer
Puffed Millet or Oat Granola (G)
1/2 cup Skim Goat Milk or Soya Milk, if desired (D)
Kapha Tea with 1 tsp. Honey, if desired (O)

In Winter
Creamed Rye or Spiced Oatmeal Porridge (G)
or Suitable Fruit (V)
Kapha Tea with Honey (1tsp.), if desired (O)

Learn the right way of eating meals as per Ayurveda