Does the New Innovations in Cooking has really made our life Easy?

In Today’s time we have progressed and new technology kitchen gadgets like Refrigerator, Pressure Cooker, Microwave Oven have entered our kitchens. Surely these things have made our life easy and convenient. But are these things really healthy and safe for us?

Let us go back to our ancient science of cooking and understand what we have lost in all this time.
As per Ayurveda, we should not eat that type of food which is not exposed to sunlight and air during cooking. Moreover, food which has taken more time in the farm to grow, it will take more time to cook also. Eg- Dals (Gram) take about 6-8 months to grow in the fields, so it will take more time to cook. Micronutrients came slowly to the fruits, stems and flower. So it will take that much time to dissolve the protein, vitamins, calcium.

But what are we doing?
We have started cooking in Pressure Cooker, Microwave Oven. All the micro nutrients are killed in this type of cooking.

When we cook food inside the pressure cooker, the water is heated and the vapour starts developing. Pressure is developed on the food from the upper side in the form of vapour and from the bottom in the form of heat. Because of this two way pressure the food breaks down and becomes soft, and we think food has been cooked. But it has not been cooked, it has been broken down. Same happens in Microwave. Food molecules just break down, and thus it becomes soft. But Cooking according to ayurveda, is the way by which the micro nutrients which are not useful before cooking are cooked to make it useful and that is done in slow cooking and in the right utensils.

In the years gone by our ancenstors used to cook in Mitti ki handi. Till date in our temples like Jagganath puri khicdi is prepared in big mitti handi(mud) , which is distributed as prasad to the worshipers. Mitti as per our mahant is pavitra (pure).

Famous Ayurved Guru Rajiv Dixit once took this Jaganath puri khicdi prepared in big mitti handi to Delhi and gave it to a laboratory, some scientists worked on it and the research report said that not even one micro nutrient has been reduced from the khichdi after cooking it in Mitti . And he also gave dal prepared in pressure cooker for testing, the report said that the micronutrients are very less left in the dal. Only 13% of the nutrients are left in the dal and the rest have been lost.

30-40 years ago, all the utensils of mitti were used everywhere. People used to eat dal of mitti ki handi only all through their life and also used to prepare milk, ghee, curd in mitti ki handi only. So those people used to get all the right nutrients throughout their lives and never had any diabetes, arthritis, no eyesight or tooth problems.

Our potters were the greatest scientists.
Do you know that different types of Mitti are used to prepare different types of utensils? A mitti rich in calcium and magnesium are used to prepare handi and mitti which is not rich in calcium and magnesium is used to prepare tea cups. This selection of MITTI is a very minute work, all this work is done by them from 1000s of years without reading anywhere and without studying in any university. We must salute them, so big scientist are they .But sadly in the eyes of the government they are backward people, in almost all the temples prasad is prepared in mitti's utensils. So we all should bring mitti ki handi and should reduce our cooking on pressure cookers and microwaves.

In Ayurved so many chronic patients of sugar whose sugar units were around 480 units have been cured by just switching them to eat dal, rice in mitti ki handi. After 8-9 months their sugar units have come down to 180 units without any injection, medicines or tonic.

Its Time to Rethink!
We have to take pottery to great heights, pressure cooker costs Rs 1500-2000 and the utensils of mitti comes in Rs 50-250.


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