Discover the Benefits of Hyacinth Beans

Hyacinth bean, scientifically known as Lablab purpureus, is a species of bean belonging to the family Fabaceae. It is widely cultivated as a food crop in tropical areas like Indonesia, India, and some parts of Africa. These plants are climbers, making them a popular choice as screen on a fence or trellis, an ornate structure specifically designed to support climbing plants. In some parts of Africa, it is considered a traditional food because of its nutritional benefits and ability to promote food security and foster development in rural communities. The hyacinth bean thrives in well-drained compost soil under full sun exposure.

Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses (
Sem ki Fali)
  • Hyacinth bean is a good source of calcium, C vitamin, zinc, carotene, iron, and B1 vitamin.
  • The stems of hyacinth bean is used for the treatment of cholera.
  • The pods juice is use for inflamed throat and ears treatment.
  • Stir-baked, the hyacinth bean is used to reduce vomiting and nausea incidents.
  • Infusion of the leaves is also used into treating gonorrhea.
  • A poultice made from the plant's leaves is used to treat snake bites but when mix together with turmeric and rice flowers, it can help with treating eczema.
  • Boil whole hyacinth bean (sem ki fali) and eat it with a little salt and spices to get bodily strength
  • Its regular intake provides a lot of energy to pregnant women and keeps them active
  • Apply a paste of its leaves in the armpits to ward off body odour


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