Yoga for Working Women

yoga for working women
Yoga for Working Women

Do these sentiments surface sometimes for you?

  1. "I'm unable to manage home and work."
  2. "I feel low on energy by the time I'm home."
  3. "I can hardly find time for myself."
  4. "I'm so stressed!"
  5. "My health problems are causing a hindrance."
Of all the working population around the world, women are the most affected. The mere fact of balancing work and family responsibilities takes a toll on the body. This is the main reason why most working women have such problems as high stress levels and overweight. You are likely to suffer such problems due to lack of exercise. While you may wish to exercise, you may be limited by time considering the fact that you have to attend to family matters and issues once you come home from work.

Yoga exercises produce power and strength; they enable your body to achieve a high level of relaxation. The psychological and physiological benefits of yoga cannot be underestimated; you attain a wonderful working relationship between your body and mind, leading to a high level of peaceful body and mind.The advantage with yoga exercises is that you do not need to go out for performance; you can easily perform them right at home or at work and obtain the benefits that accrue.

Invest in yourself!
In the long term however, there is no other choice. You have to find ways to rejuvenate and energize yourself. Here is our recommendation for you –

Shavasana – This type of asana tones your nervous system. It has the effect of increasing your mental energy, which is necessary for effective work performance both at work and at home. You need to perform Shavasana at least twice everyday for between 15 to 20 minutes. In performing Shavasana, lye down on your back on a comfortable material with both your legs and hands free. Avoid any thoughts and focus on relaxing your mind and body. Performing Shavasana regularly is a perfect way of managing hypertension.

Ardha-halasana – This type of asana has the effect of burning excess calories in your body. It is therefore a very good exercise for achieving physical fitness. It is very effective in preventing overweight, which leads to the occurrence of such health problems as heart attacks, diabetes and hypertension. To perform it, lie down on a comfortable material on your back. Let your hands stretch along your body, slowly raising your legs simultaneously, making angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees. Rotate your legs both clockwise and anti-clockwise three to five times. Doing this regularly burns fat deposits in your abdomen and hips.

Trikonasana – As a working woman, you are likely to experience varied pain especially on your back and neck areas. Such pain is mainly caused by regular commuting, sitting for long hours and a lot of house work. You can easily combat such pain by performing Trikonasana, a type of yoga asana that you perform while standing in an erect position with feet slightly apart. Raise your hands to shoulder level. You start by turning slowly to either direction with your hands stretched, touching your big toe. Do not bend your legs in the process. Repeat the same with the other hand. Performing this asana on a regular basis loosens your loin muscles in addition to improving your waistline.

Dhanurasana- Lie on your abdomen with chin resting on the floor and arms placed alongside the body. Raise your head. Bend legs at the knee and hold the ankles. Raise the chest backwards and pull the ankles upwards resting the whole body on the abdomen.

This Asana, a fine combina­tion of bhujangasana and shala­bhasana, stretches the body and tones up the spine and the visce­ral system. It is also recommend­ed for backache and flatulence.

Chakrasana-Stand erect with feet together and hands stretched sideways alt shoulder level. Raise your left arm slowly till it touches the left side of your head, keeping left arm straight, and gradually move it and the head sideways to the right. Bend as far as possible without strain. As you do so, slide your right arm down your right leg as far as you can. Hold the position for five to 10 sec­onds. Then return to the original position and repeat with the right hand.

Do three to five times. This is an excellent exercise for the lateral part.

If you wish to see yoga asanas videos click  here

People of all ages can do these asanas. They can be done either in the morn­ing or in the evening. There should be a half-hour gap after tea or coffee, and after a heavy meal about four to five hours. One can eat within 15 to 20 mi­nutes after doing the asanas.

They should be practised slow­ly without any jerky movement, maintaining the normal breath­ing pattern.
All physical exercises should be suspended during the month­ly period and any illness.

A daily routine of 20 to 25 minutes of yogasanas can relieve many of your minor chronic ail­ments and make you feel more energetic, fresh and light.

A few minutes of yoga can leave you energized all day long and add an extra hour to your day. "When you meditate, the same work that you normally perform in four hours, you can do in two hours. So two hours more are given to you to balance between work and family.
Maintain a balance in life." Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation will serve as handy tools while balancing your work and home life.
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