What is the Right Way to Take a Bath

A bath is a daily ritual, but its very important to understand its purpose or importance. Merely throwing water over our heads and bodies is not what a bath is.

There is a dual purpose for taking bath: cleanliness and reactivation of the circulation of the blood. The cleanliness of the body is served by hot water. The skin of the body has millions of pores through which our skin breathes. If the pores are clogged, the lungs are overworked. Overwork may lead to fatigue or exhaustion of the lungs. And then, closed pores do not pass any perspiration which is a must to clear the blood.

Cold water is also a cleansing agent, but it cannot deal with the grease and dirt infesting the pores of the skin. Hot water mixed with lemon juice is the best cleansing agent for the skin. Rubbing body with lemon cleanses the skin and no soap is required.

A hot bath before retiring for the night is the best for health. It helps you to sleep better. If you are suffering from a cold, take a hot bath, cover yourself with woolens and get into bed. It will drive away the cold. A really hot bath when you are tired acts as a tonic; it drives away fatigue.

A bath, hot or cold, should be taken one hour before meals or three hours after it. A bath with hot water has its uses, but a daily bath should be with cold water. Hot bath is recommended once or twice a week. Bath with cold water makes the skin cool and body in its natural phenomena rushes the blood to warm it up. The circulation of the blood is activated and the blood is also cleansed of many impurities.

The best way to start a bath is to rub the whole of your body with your palms. Start with your scalp, forehead, face and the neck. Then go on to your wrists and then to the shoulders through the arms. Afterwards rub your chest, the armpits and abdomen and the back. The feet should be the last to receive attention.

After the vigorous rubbing, take a cold bath. Wipe your body with a towel. Start with the head and then dry up the whole body. If this method of taking a bath is adopted, there will not be any danger of any skin eruptions or itch. The face will be free of pimples & other blemishes. The skin will acquire a healthy glow. If the palms after a bath instead of a towel, it will be doubly beneficial. It gives a pleasant sensation during winter.

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