Ayurveda Perspective on Cholesterol and How To Cure It Naturally!

Ayurveda Perspective on Cholesterol
Ayurveda Perspective on Cholesterol
Ayurveda on Cholesterol

It's important to understand that fat tissue (cholesterol) in itself is not bad, and is actually essential for the body to function properly. So in the Ayurveda perspective, the production of cholesterol does not necessarily need to be lessened, but it needs to be balanced. When the digestion is balanced and healthy, then the body produces the right amount of cholesterol, in the right proportion to nourish the body. 

For instance, the creation of healthy body tissue (dhatu) requires a brightly-burning digestive fire, or metabolic process. A strong agni is equally important in maintaining balance in the doshas and malas.    

Therefore, when digestion, assimilation and elimination are balanced, fat tissue and cholesterol will also be balanced.

What causes cholesterol function to become imbalanced?

Digestion depends on the strength of the digestive fire (agni). Digestive fire is sustained with the fuel of wholesome foods and drinks. If we eat too little, or if we eat unwholesome foods and drinks, the digestive fire dwindles.

There are 13 agnis that work together in the digestive process. First, the food is metabolized by the main digestive fire (jathar-agni), located in the stomach and duodenum. Next it is metabolized by the five elemental fires located in the liver (bhut-agnis), and finally by seven dhatu-agnis, located in the seven tissues. These 13 types of agnis form the metabolism and digestive system in the body.

When we eat fatty or oily food, it is metabolized by these 13 agnis in a sequential process. Jathar-agni helps to break down the food. The bhut-agnis help to screen toxins and ensure that the food is transformed into healthy, good-quality body tissue. The dhatu-agnis help transform the food into their respective tissues.

So the strength of the various digestive fires is needed for the tissues to be formed properly, including the fat tissue. When the production of meda dhatu is disturbed, the quantity (amount and proportion) and quality (contents) of meda dhatu are also disturbed. In other words, because cholesterol is one of the contents of lipid tissue, the production of cholesterol becomes imbalanced when meda dhatu is imbalanced.

When meda dhatu mixes with ama, it changes the quality of fat tissue and the quality of cholesterol, making it unhealthy rather than healthy. This mixing of ama with fat tissue is the main cause of imbalanced cholesterol. And it is the liver (yakrit) that is responsible for qualitative digestion, i.e. the quality, or purity, of the fat tissue and hence the quality of the cholesterol that is being produced.

The main causes of imbalanced digestion

These fall into three categories: mental, physical and environmental. 
  1. Mental causes include too much mental activity or pressures at work as well as emotional factors such as anger, worries, sorrow, and greed.
  2. Physical causes include eating too much (above digestive capacity), eating too little (below the digestive capacity), and eating faulty food (against the digestive capacity). Other physical causes include eating before the previous meal is digested, eating irregular amounts at irregular times of day, eating while suffering from indigestion, suppressing natural urges, constipation, and emaciation.
  3. Environmental causes include eating the wrong foods for the climate or season, as well as eating foods polluted with toxins.
There are some wonderful herbs and natural herbal supplements which can be used for lowering the cholesterol naturally.

Natural Herbs for Balancing High Cholesterol are:

Natural Herbs for Balancing High Cholesterol
Natural Herbs for Balancing High Cholesterol

  1. Artichoke Plant – The leaves of the artichoke contain a special type of fiber that will help to block the absorption of cholesterol in your body, and it helps to decrease the production of the nasty LDL cholesterol particles. You can stop your body from creating and absorbing the harmful lipoproteins, but it is not recommended to take this herb if you have problems with your gall bladder.
  2. Cinnamon is one of the many natural remedies that have been used to treat cholesterol. Cinnamon, when taken in small amounts, can help to lower your triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and even your blood sugar. It won’t do anything to increase your HDL cholesterol, but it will reduce the bad stuff and help to keep your cholesterol levels regulated.
  3. Soy – Japanese love all things soy, and this is one of the main reasons that they have one of the lowest cholesterol levels in the world. The FDA has stated that nearly any food containing soy products can help to decrease cholesterol, but it is food like tofu and soy protein that will be the most effective at helping you to control your cholesterol levels.
  4. Liquorice: Believe it or not, consuming liquorice on a regular basis is saidto lower cholesterol. The flavonoids in liquorice root are thought to increase the body's flow of bile, with research suggesting that bile acids account for the loweringof excessive cholesterol in the body.
  5. Turmeric – Those who like a bit of Indian or Arabian cooking will know exactly what turmeric is, but this orange root is more than just a good taste in your meal. The root can actually help to decrease the cholesterol levels in your body, thus helping to decrease the risk of serious heart problems. Eating more chicken curry is a great idea, thanks to the health benefits of this amazing herb.
  6. Ginger – Ginger is an herb that is used in many an Asian dish to add a bit of flavor and tang, but it will help to cut back on your cholesterol levels as well as make your food taste great. You can take ginger tea to help fight sore throats and control cholesterol, or you can add it to your food to obtain the same cholesterol lowering effects.
  7. Fenugreek – Fenugreek is an herb that has been used for millennia as an aid to digestion, but it can help to cut back on the sugar in your blood and reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body.
  8. Coriander seeds - are a powerful detoxifying agent, when taken with pure water everyday helps reduce bad cholesterol levels and also aids the kidney to remove toxic substances from the body.
  9. Hawthorn Berry – Hawthorn berries help the stomach to work properly, and it will also have a positive effect on your spleen and liver. It will help to boost your body’s natural circulation, and will help to lower the levels of cholesterol in your body.
  10. Holy Basil -- This herb may sound absolutely divine, but the effects are much more mundane. The herb is native to the Indian subcontinent and Suriname, and it is one of the natural herbal remedies that help to control cholesterol levels. It can also help to reduce your blood sugar, and will counteract stress.
  11. Flax Seed-- is another one of the amazing cholesterol lowering herbs, and you will find that the benefits are three fold: First, flax seed is rich with lignans. Lignans help to promote a healthy digestive tract, decrease blood cholesterol, and prevent heart problems. Second, flax seed has lots of fiber, which is one of the main nutrients that help to fight the production and absorption of cholesterol by your body. Third, flax seed contains lots of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is one of the best things you can take to help prevent cholesterol from building up on the walls of your arteries. It can help to cut down on the LDL cholesterol, increase HDL cholesterol, and lower your total cholesterol. These simple seeds pack a punch, and you may find that taking flax seed to lower cholesterol is the way to go.

In addition to all the cholesterol lowering herbs, there are a number of cholesterol lowering supplements that you can take as well.

Supplements that can help you to deal with your High Cholesterol

Guggul: extracts of the resin of the guggul tree (Commiphora mukul) lowers the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels in humans. Buy Biotrex Nutraceuticals Guggul

Niacin - Niacin is a B-vitamin (B3) that is given as a supplement to deal with cholesterol, and it has proven to be one of the most effective. In fact, many doctors prescribe it along with medications, as the effects it has are more effective than most medications. What it does is increase the levels of the good cholesterol in your body, thus helping it to naturally fight the bad cholesterol on its own. There are a few negative side effects like pain, muscle breakdown, and a few others, so it is important that your use of the supplement is closely monitored by a doctor.

Arjuna Reduce Cholesterol-  Arjuna (TerminaliaArjuna) is an herbal remedy for heart ailments; it can lessen effects of the heart's stress and nervous conditions. Arjuna improves cardiac functioning and regulates blood pressure. Buy Kapiva Arjun Capsules

Soluble Fiber - Soluble fiber appears to reduce LDL cholesterol by reducing cholesterol absorption in the intestines. Soluble fiber binds with cholesterol so that it is excreted. Solublefiber can be found as a dietary supplement, such as psyllium powder, or in foods such as: Oats, barley, rye. Buy Wholegrains on Amazon

Amway Nutrilite™ Cholesterol Health with green tea extract. 
Natural green tea extract offers phyto nutrients to help protect against cell-damaging free radicals.

Cholesterol Protection® — Cardio Management® by Maharishi Ayurveda
Helps to maintain normal levels of blood cholesterol;
Support healthy fat metabolism
balance liver function & bile secretion
guggul promotes healthy cholesterol levels1
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Amway Nutrilite Milk Thistle Plus
This exclusive NUTRILITE formula is a natural herbal supplement for better liver health and offers the support your liver needs to perform optimally. Exclusive formula with unique blend of three herbs- Milk Thistle, dandelion root & turmeric which are proven to support your liver health. Buy on Amazon

Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally and Quickly with Lifestyle Changes

It's ideal to follow a Kapha-pacifying routine.
Any herbs and supplements would control and balance your cholesterol level only when you follow certain lifestyle changes along with them.
  1. Stop smoking.
  2. Yoga asanas and surya namaskara (sun salutations) are part of the ayurvedic routine and can be performed twice daily for ten minutes each. Pranayama, or yogic breathing exercises, are also recommended, as proper breathing helps digestion and helps clean the srotas, or channels. 
  3. Exercise most days of the week. Exercise balances all the agnis, including the five bhut-agnis and meda agni, all of which are important for metabolizing fat and creating healthy cholesterol. You can start with brisk walking, which is sufficient for many people. But if you feel the need for more vigorous exercise, you can swim, cross-country ski, kayak, take an aerobics class, or play sports. 
  4. The Kapha-pacifying routine also discourages sleeping during the day, as this causes the metabolism to slow and the srotas, or channels, to fill with ama.
  5. Eat heart-healthy foods, including foods rich in soluble fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Buy Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  6. Limit your consumption of foods high in saturated fats.
  7. Eliminate trans fats from your diet.
  8. Wake up before six o'clock, and avoid daytime naps. Eat your meals at the same time every day, and plan to eat your largest meal at lunchtime, when your digestion is strong. To avoid indigestion at night, eat lightly.
  9. Drink alcohol in moderation.
  10. Take steps to reduce stress. Practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique lowered cholesterol and the threat of stroke as much as cholesterol-lowering drugs — but without the dangerous side effects. Practicing the TM technique twenty minutes twice a day has another advantage — it reduces stress and improves mental clarity, making it easier to follow a healthy diet and make healthy lifestyle choices the rest of the day.
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