Home Remedies for Minor Burns

Here are a few home remedies to treat minor burns at home:
As a first step w
ash hands with ice cold water or rub ice on the burnt area followed by following home recipes.

  • Apply toothpaste with the peppermint on the burn area to heal them faster
  • Apply raw honey to seal the burns and heal them faster
  • Apply fresh aloe vera gel to soothe and heal the burn quickly
  • Put a banana peel over the burn till the peel turns black for instant relief
  • Apply olive oil over the burn with a clean cotton swab to relieve pain
  • Apply Vinegar as this works as an astringent and antiseptic on minor burns and helps prevent infection. Dilute the vinegar with equal parts water, and rinse the burned area with the solution.
  • Apply Raw potato as this can treat minor skin burns due to its anti-irritating and soothing properties. It will alleviate the pain and reduce the chance of having blisters. Simply cut a slice of raw potato and rub it on the burn, making sure the juice from the potato is releasing over the area. Use this remedy soon after the burn occurs for best results.
  • Apply Lavender essential oil as this has both antiseptic and painkilling properties. The oil will also reduce the risk of scarring.Simply apply lavender oil directly on the burn several times day.
  • Consult a doctor after giving first aid to avoid infection and for faster healing
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