Tips for Balancing Vata

  • Eat three warm, nourishing meals each day. 
  • Favor foods that are warm, heavy, oily, sweet, sour and salty. 
  • Minimize foods that are spicy, bitter or astringent.  
  • Minimize foods that are cold, dry and light. 
  • Pay attention to fluids: avoid cold or iced drinks, sip warm water at regular intervals, avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee and black tea. 
  • Ayurveda discusses three doshas or mind/body operators to keep ion balance for optimum health. Vata is the lead dosha and governs all movement in the body. 
  • Experience the benefits of a warm sesame oil massage before your morning shower or bath. 
  • Keep warm: avoid cold, windy or chilly environments; take long warm baths and showers. 
  • Try to keep your environment humid. 
  • Favor calm, quiet environments. 
  • Avoid mental strain, over stimulation, loud music, and long hours of TV in the evening. 
  • Develop regular habits such as eating and going to sleep at the same times each day. 
  • Enjoy light, humorous entertainment. 
  • Make your surroundings light and bright. Regular daily elimination is important.
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