Natural Home Remedies for Dark and Dull Lips

Dark and Dull Lips are caused due to many reasons. Some of the common reasons are:
  1. Smoking:  If you are a smoker then you will have dark and very dull lips.
  2. Blood Circulation: If you have less blood circulation in those areas then your lips will be dark.
  3. Tiredness and stress of any kinds leads to dull and dark lips.
  4. Extra exposure to sun, humidity and temperature causes lips to look dull.
  5. Use of low grade cosmetics and lipsticks on lips all causes darkness and make them dull and dry.

Home Remedies for Soft, Supple and Pink Lips
Sugar scrub
Take three tablespoons of sugar powder and add two tablespoons of butter to it. Blend or mix it to from a thick paste. Use it as a scrub over the lips, sugar works as exfoliate and removes the dead skin present on the lips whereas butter helps to increase the color and moisture.

Lemon juice
The bleaching agents of lemon are the best workers to remove the layer from lips. It exfoliates the lip skin and brings new tone. Squeeze a lemon and apply the juice over the lips with finger tips. Do it in regular manner to get glossy and pink lips.

Beet root
One of the ideal way to get the pink lips in the home is by applying the beet root juice. Its natural red color mirrors the same on lips and cleanses the darkness simultaneously. The natural agents existing in the beetroot gradually reduces the darkness of lips.

Olive Oil
Olive oil contains so many essential nutrients which helps to nurture your lips. Retain few drops of olive oil on the lips and scrub it, it brings you natural glowing and soft lips by giving its nutrients to lips.

Rose flower
Reach the rose flower to get rosy lips, prepare paste from rose petals and butter by blending them well. Apply the paste and scrub over, the pin stain existing in rose decreases the lips darkness and promotes pink and rosy lips. Try to make it for two times a week for the endeavoring results.

Take the help of berries to turn your lips in to rose petals. Berries like raspberries and strawberries can drill your problem of having dark lips. Prepare the paste from raspberries and mix it with aloe vera gel and honey. Apply and scrub it, rinse off after ten minutes and get a glossy pink lips.

Petroleum jelly
Take three table spoons of petroleum jelly and one and half table spoon of strawberry juice, mix it up and use it as a daily lip balm.

Smooth scrub
Rather than pouring money on lip care products, follow this simple tip to get natural pink lips. Before you are going to bed in the night time, scrub your lips with the help of soft tooth brush, it removes the flaky dead skin from lips and helps to achieve pinkness.

Separate the pomegranate seeds and blend it with butter, apply this paste directly over the lips. Scrub it for few minutes and leave. It is one of the good and natural home based remedy to get clear pink lips.

Follow these simple rules to have pink Lips.
  1. Cut down your coffee and beverages quantity as these causes the lips to darken. If you have the habit of smoking then also your lips will be of black color. It is advisable to quit smoking not only for pink lips but for good health.
  2. Eat lots of fruits and drink about eight glasses of water a day.
  3. Apply homemade butter before going to bed. You can also apply the milk cream if butter is not available.
  4. Daily after doing tooth brush use that to exfoliate your lips with the same brush. With this you will get rid of dry flakes thus making your lips soft and supple.
  5. Get the Ayurveda cream and apply it on your lips every night before going to bed. This will reduce the darkness and dullness of lips.
  6. Eat balanced diet.

According to Ayurveda the lips crack, become painful and dark when vata dosha increases. The increase is attributed to the cold and dry climate of winter. The vitiated vata can be normalized by applying warm ghee infused with vata balancing herbs.

Ayurvedic Tips to aid you in keeping your lips soft and smooth. Following these tips would also help prevent cracking and chapping of lips.
  • Always apply a natural lip balm to protect your lips.
  • Massaging lips with ghee (clarified butter) and leaving a thin layer of it on lips overnight acts as a natural protection for lips
  • Repeatedly apply herbal moisturizing lotion on lips.
  • Apply a thin coat of natural balm on your lips before applying lipsticks.
  •  Dip a black tea bag in warm water and press it on lips for three to four minutes. This increases moisture level on skin of lips
  • Do not lick lips repeatedly.
  • Dip small cotton gauze in warm clarified butter (ghee) and place it on lips for 20 minutes
  •  Remove your lipstick before going to bed using a herbal cleanser and apply a thin layer of ghee on lips

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