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Natural Home Remedies for Dark and Dull Lips

Dark and Dull Lips are caused due to many reasons. Some of the common reasons are: Smoking:  If you are a smoker then you will have dark and very dull lips.Blood Circulation: If you have less blood circulation in those areas then your lips will be dark.Tiredness and stress of any kinds leads to dull and dark lips.Extra exposure to sun, humidity and temperature causes lips to look dull.Use of low grade cosmetics and lipsticks on lips all causes darkness and make them dull and dry.
Home Remedies for Soft, Supple and Pink Lips Sugar scrub
Take three tablespoons of sugar powder and add two tablespoons of butter to it. Blend or mix it to from a thick paste. Use it as a scrub over the lips, sugar works as exfoliate and removes the dead skin present on the lips whereas butter helps to increase the color and moisture.

Lemon juice
The bleaching agents of lemon are the best workers to remove the layer from lips. It exfoliates the lip skin and brings new tone. Squeeze a lemon and apply the juice ove…

Easy Quick Fix for Snoring

Snoring can lead to poor sleep and daytime fatigue, irritability, and increased health problems. 

People who snore often have too much throat and nasal tissue, or “floppy” tissue that is more prone to vibrate. The position of your tongue can also get in the way of smooth breathing.  Evaluating how and when you snore will help you pinpoint whether the cause of your snoring is within your control or not. The good news is that no matter how and when you snore, there are solutions to making your snoring better.

Snoring happens when you can't move air freely through your nose and mouth during sleep. Often caused by the narrowing of your airway, either from poor sleep posture or abnormalities of the soft tissues in your throat. A narrow airway gets in the way of smooth breathing and creates the sound of snoring.
Common causes of snoring Age. As you reach middle age and beyond, your throat becomes narrower, and the muscle tone in your throat decreases.

The way you’re built. Men have narrow…

Super Foods, Spices & Herbs for Diabetes

Healthy eating for type 2 diabetes  prevention or control is about losing weight and preventing dangerous spikes in blood sugar. The super foods and spices that can help control your sugar level:

Foods that help controlling sugar levels

Beans (including black, white, navy, lima, pinto, garbanzo, soy, and kidney) are a winning combination of high-quality carbohydrates, lean protein, and soluble fiber that helps stabilize your body's blood-sugar levels and keeps hunger in check.

A diet rich in whole grains and high-fiber foods may reduce the risk of diabetes by between 35 and 42 percent. An excellent source of both is heart-healthy oatmeal: It's packed with soluble fiber, which slows the absorption of glucose from food in the stomach — keeping blood-sugar levels under control. Top oatmeal with 1 to 2 tablespoons of chopped pecans, almonds, or walnuts to add protein and healthy fat, which stabilize blood sugars further. Plus, the nuts add great crunch and flavor t…

Shop for Herbal Products that Promote Hair Growth

These herbs have proved to be beneficial in promoting hair growth. Shop for herbal hair care range that promote hair growth.

Cinnamon: The Wonder Spice

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum that is used in both sweet and savory foods. While Cinnamomum verum is sometimes considered to be "true cinnamon", most cinnamon in international commerce is derived from related species, which are also referred to as "cassia" to distinguish them from "true cinnamon".

Cinnamon Bark is widely used as a spice. It is principally employed in cookery as a condiment and flavouring material. It is used in the preparation of chocolate, especially in Mexico, which is the main importer of cinnamon.It is also used in many dessert recipes, such as apple pie, doughnuts, and cinnamon buns as well as spicy candies, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and liqueurs. True cinnamon, rather than cassia, is more suitable for use in sweet dishes.

Cinnamon has been proposed for use as an insect repellent, although it remains untested. Cinnamon leaf oil has been found to be very effective in killin…

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Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts With Veggies

Vegetables are a must if you’re trying to lose weight. They are extremely low in calories and also contain a range of health boosting nutrients that support your body’s fat burning processes in countless ways.

How Do Vegetables Help You Lose Weight?

1) Vegetables Are Low In Calories:

The majority of vegetables contain well below 100 calories per serving.

Therefore, by making sure all your meals contain plenty of vegetables, you can significantly reduce the amount of calories per serving and this supports healthy weight loss.

2) Vegetables Contain High Levels of Fiber:

Most vegetables are rich in fiber (an indigestible type of carbohydrate that supports good bowel health and more).

Although your body cannot digest fiber, fiber rich foods do require more calories to digest than foods that are lacking in fiber.

This means by eating plenty of vegetables, you’ll burn off more calories during digestion and put on less weight as a result.

3) Vegetables Are Packed Full Of Vitamins, Minerals …
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