Benefits of Bhringraj for Hair Growth

Trailing eclipta or Bhringaraj as known in Sanskrit, has been used traditionally in India for many centuries now and it is an important plant in Ayurveda. The plant and its formulations are used for curing many diseases which include jaundice, infectious hepatitis, cirrhosis, insomnia, stress, tension, anxiety, cardiac diseases, hypertension, respiratory congestion and skin diseases.

Quick facts about Bhangara or Eclipta alba
Sanskrit name: Bhringaraja, Kesharaja
English name: Trailing eclipta, False Daisy
Hindi or common name: Bhangara
Scientific name: Eclipta alba, Eclipta prostata

Bhringaraj or Trailing eclipta or False Daisy belongs to the family of Asteraceae. The leaves of the plant are mostly used in Ayurvedic formulations. The plant is thought to be a native of India and can also be found in several regions in Asia including China and Thailand. It is also found in South America, especially in Brazil.

In ayurvedic medicine, the leaf extract is considered a powerful liver tonic, rejuvenative, and especially good for the hair. A black dye obtained from Eclipta alba is used for dyeing hair and tattooing. Eclipta alba also has traditional external uses, like athlete foot, eczema and dermatitis, on the scalp to address hair loss and the leaves have been used in the treatment of scorpion stings. It is used as anti-venom against snakebite in China and Brazil.
Bhringraj helps to improve hair growth and colour.

In india, it is grown along side of rice fields and its leaves are used in preparing food.
Infact eclipta alba extracts are known to grow hair faster than minoxidil.
Oil made with mixture of bhringraj’s juice helps hair growth and prevents premature greying.

Bhringraj (eclipta alba) oil for thick natural color hair

Extract 1 litre juice from eclipta alba’s leaves, 1 litre pure coconut oil, 1 litre Amla (india gooseberry) juice, biryani leaves (100gms) and boil them together till all water in these juices is evaporated and only oil remains with extracts of these herbs.

Filter the herbal extracts(if any) after the oil cools down and store this oil in a glass bottle / jar.
Applying this oil everyday, atleast 1 hour before washing your hair will stop premature greying, arrest hairfall and also increase hair length quicker.
Some of the Popular Bhringraj Oil for hair growth are easily available and can be bought at Amazon.

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