Ayurveda Medical Camp for Senior Citizens

Madurai hospital conducts medical camp for senior citizens

A campaign to promote healthy living by following ayurveda system of medicine and thereby overcoming old age health problems was launched in Madurai on Tuesday.

AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital at Vilachery here organised a special medical camp for old people to create awareness of how ayurveda can help in safeguarding their health in a natural way. The camp, ‘Ajara-2012,’ focused on healthy ageing thereby reducing or mitigating risks common during old age.
Mayor V.V. Rajan Chellappa, who inaugurated the camp, said that ayurveda was meant for people of all ages and it was a good way to rejuvenate the body.

“The municipal corporation also is keen to support and popularise Indian systems of medicine such as ayurveda because it is found to be very effective,” he said.

Ramesh R. Varier, Managing Director, AVN Arogya Healthcare Limited, said that the special medical camp for old people was held to commemorate World Senior Citizens Day celebrated on August 8. “Our aim is to drive home a message that ageing problems can be prevented through ayurveda therapy. You can stay healthy in old age without depending on anyone and there is treatment available for all problems,” he said.
Dr.Varier said that ageing was associated with risk of cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, bone and joint problems, besides muscular dysfunction. “Through ayurveda treatment, there will be improvement in health and it will rejuvenate the whole body,” he said.

A pledge to stay healthy was administered for old people who attended the camp. Earlier, the Mayor also symbolically released pigeons and balloons to signify freedom from old age ailments. Hopsital chairman P.V. Raghava Varier was present.

Source: The Hindu
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