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Natural Home Remedies to Beat The Heat & Prevent Sunburns

The soaring temperature has taken its toll. Sweltering heat has resulted in many deaths and heat strokes , that result in high fever and weakness. It is advised to increase the intake of water with the inclusion of fruits and green vegetables in the diet. Regular cleansing, toning, exfoliation, moisturizing and regular use of sunscreen before stepping into the sun is also recommended. Nature is a treasure trove of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are the key to healthy life.

- Mango Panna 
Boil a raw mango and soak it in cold water. Once it's cool, peel the skin off. Add some cumin seeds, salt, pepper, crushed mint leaves and adequate water. Blend until smooth. Consume at least three times a day.

- Lemonade 
Prepare the age-old "nimboo paani" with lemon juice, sugar and chilled water. Drink as much as you can, especially when venturing out in the sun to combat dehydration and get instant energy.

- Yoghurt ('lassi' / buttermilk) 
If you are fond of dairy product…
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