Child Care: Worm Infestation Ayurveda Home Remedies

As per Ayurveda Texts: Worm Infestation in Children
The occurrence of the following worms in different parts of body in children causes this ailment:
» Kaphaj- produced in the stomach
» Raktaj- produced in the blood vessels
» The worm Purishaj (produced in the intestines) encompasses all the following worms also, which are responsible for infestation:
» Giardiasis
» Ascariasis
» Amebiasis
» Thread worm
» Hook worm
» Tape worm

» Make sure children always wash their hands after going to the bathroom and before eating.
» Keep fingernails short to reduce the chances of picking up worm eggs underneath them.
» Wash all the vegetables, fruits thoroughly before eating raw.
» Meat, especially pork should be thoroughly cooked before eating.
» Ensure that children don't play barefoot in soil.

Home Remedies for Worm Infestation
• Onion juice removes thread worms.
Dosage: Three drops to one teaspoon twice daily
• Neem powder removes all types of worms.
Dosage: 1 to 4 grams twice daily.
• Pinch of asafoetida wrapped in small pieces of jaggery.
Dosage: Half an hour before meals.

• 7 - 12 year
20 grams of jaggery in the morning
After 10 minutes give Celery seeds (Ajwain) + salt (2 grams of celery seeds and one gram of salt) with warm water. This recipe eliminates all types of worms.

Dos and don'ts
• Avoid too many sweets and puddings, very fried, greasy and fast foods.
• Take more green vegetables and fresh fruits.
• Use only boiled water
• Personal hygiene
• Restrict diet to only home made foods