Obesity Home Remedies, Obese in Ayurveda, Ayurveda Remedy Obesity

Obesity is due to excessive increase of fat and muscles and pendulous buttocks and abdomen. Also an obese suffers from deficient metabolism and energy.  The main factors that are responsible for obesity are:
  • Absence of physical activity
  • Day sleep
  • Over consumption of foods that increase kapha viz sweet, heavy, slimy substances (pichchhil), new cereals, fresh wine, meat of marshy and aquatic animals, milk and its derivatives, jaggery and flour preparations.
  • Lack of mental work.
  • Genetic defects.

Signs and Symptoms
  • Makes breathing difficult even on slight exertion.
  • Fat accumulation in large quantity in the body makes the person incapable of all physical activities.
  • Excess thirst & sleep.
  • Sudden catching of breathe, exhaustion even after doing lighter work.
  • Excessive hunger.
  • Bad smell of the body.
  • Poor physical and sexual capacity gradually develops.

Following treatment for obesity helps:
  • Emesis, Purgation, Bloodletting, Physical exercise, Fasting, Smoking, Sweating
  • Use of abhayaprasha with honey
  • Rough food grains
  • Use of guduchi, devdaru, musta, triphala, takrarishta and honey, are recommended for reducing the over obesity.
  • Vidanga, shunthi, yavakshara, and ash-powder of black iron mixed with honey, is used for obesity.
  • Barley and amalaki powder, in combination, is an excellent formulation for the same. 
Dos and Don'ts
Worries, excessive physical exercise, sexual- intercourse, sprinkling and rubbing of various medicinal powders over body, fasting, sunbath, brisk walking. Taking panchakarma treatment like vamana (emesis) and virechana (laxatives and purgatives), old rice, yava (barley), kulattha, masoor, mudga, chana, honey, pungent and bitter edible things, trifala, trikatu, leafy vegetables, hot water or taking excessive water before meals.

Avoid rasayana aushadhi, rejuvenating therapies etc. Avoid shashtishali (rice), wheat, urad, all milk products, sugarcane products, sweets, oily food, fat (specially hydrogenated fat like vanaspati ghee) etc.

Commonly used drugs

  • Chavyadi choorna
  • Phalatrikadi choorna
  • Vidangadya choorna
Kashay (decoction)
  • Trifala kashay
  • Bilvadi kashay
  • Madhujala sidhapeya
  • Shilajatu
Vati (pills)
  • Navak guggulu.
  • Amrutadya guggulu.
  • Trimurti rasa.
  • Rasabhasma yoga.
  • Wadavagni rasa.
  • Loha rasayana.
Lepa (local applications)
  • Mocharasadi lepa
  • Shirishadi ubatan
  • Priyangvadi lepa
  • Jambudaladi ubatan
  • Babbuladi ubatan

Shodhana chikitsa (evacuative therapy)
Lekhan basti with ushakadi gana is advised for treating this.
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