Natural Home Remedies for Skin Rashes after Holi

The colours in the market may dazzle the revellers, but the fact is that a majority of these colours are synthetic-based meant for industrial purposes like dyeing of textiles and not for human skin. Skin and eye allergies are very common forms of health hazards due to excessive use of synthetic colours during Holi. They cause skin rashes, itching, pimples and allergic reactions to hair. Dermatologists want revellers to avoid using kerosene, sandalwood, camphor and turmeric to get rid of colours. Doctors say that colours should be washed with cold water and mild soap and after that applying moisturizer or a cold cream.
While there are many medications that can be used for the treatment of skin rashes, natural remedies for rashes will help treat your skin in a gentle manner, which is very important when dealing with a rash.

  1. Brew a cup of chamomile tea. Once the tea has cooled, take several cotton pads and soak them in the tea. Gently rub the soaked cotton pads over your skin rash for immediate relief. Repeat this process several times per day until your rash has subsided.
  2. Apply olive oil directly onto your skin rash with a cotton pad for relief of itching and skin irritation. Do not over-apply the olive oil; apply a very small amount with the cotton pad and allow the skin to dry.
  3. Apply aloe vera gel directly onto a skin rash throughout the course of the day. Reapply the aloe whenever the rash begins to itch or burn.
  4. Combine cod liver oil and vitamin E gel into a mixture, then rub this mixture directly on your skin rash using cotton balls. This mixture will provide vital nutrients to your skin, which will help heal the rash quickly.
  5.  Grind 2 holy basil leaves with 2 garlic cloves, 1 tbsp. of olive oil and 1/2 tsp. of salt. Mix the ingredients well. Apply directly onto your skin rash with clean hands. Allow this mixture to soak into your skin for 10 minutes before using a cotton pad to gently wash it off.

Tips & Warnings
Don't cover a body rash in stiff and non-breathable clothing. Wear light cotton clothing over the rash until it has completely healed. Do not use harsh cloths to wash the rash, but rather use soft cotton cloths and pads to wash and apply remedies to the rash.
If a rash does not get better, or worsens, during treatment, visit your doctor immediately.

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