Ayurvedic Diet to Avoid Acne

Lets understand how diet is important to get rid of acne.
In Ayurveda Acne is termed "Yuvan Pidika" a sanskrit term which means "disease of adolescence". This is clear from name that Ayurvedic Seers were well known to the condition so should be for the treatment. One thing is amazing, it is classified under Kshudrakustha, means it is easy to treat!! Then why modern medicine is helpless, perhaps they are clueless about some of the realities, to which Ayurveda was well known.

Modern day medical science says Acne has nothing to do with the diet, lifestyle and psychological conditions; Ayurveda is totally disagreeing with this thought. According to Ayurveda, what one eats and how one lives matters a lot in every condition. Especially when it comes to skin diseases, diet is more concerned. As skin is told to be nourished directly by sap of ingested foods, when one consumes the unhealthy food stuff, it leads to diseases, in young age it may be acne and in old age it will be joint ache or cardiac problems. One cannot rule out the role of diet in any disease. 

Acne and mostly all the skin diseases are results of "impure blood"!! Impure Blood? Ayurveda tells that every part and every system of the body is of two conditions. One is the normal, physiological condition and second is the disturbed and pathological condition. So pure for normal condition and impure for the pathological condition. The seat for the blood and its purity is Liver. 

Secondly, Pitta body type people are more prone to these skin diseases because they are prone to liver dysfunction and problems with Pitta. Pitta is an associated Dosha with the blood so blood aggravates soon, when there is some disturbance in the body with Pitta. 

Modern sciences also believe that Liver has a great role to play in skin diseases. Modern people follow Ayurveda and curse it!? It is usually told that some drugs for hormonal balance and anti-depressant can cause the acne. And this statement is used to rule out the role of the hormonal state of one and that of psychology? Most of the anti-depressants are the medicines which have the bad impact on the liver. I have seen many patients which were taking alprazolam in routine and were suffering from the skin diseases, not only Acne and allied conditions, but also diseases like- Psoriasis and eczema also. Modern docs are trying to treat the skin by applying some ointments and creams over skin, or they will go for the anti-biotics to heal the body. Steroidal creams to arrest the inflammatory changes and antibiotics for killing the bacteria. Why these "white-coat" guys miss the point that they are stopping the things but is there any effort to heal a condition ....or a condition that a disease won't appear anymore. It is easy to kill bacteria, but hard to make the body too strong to fight the bacteria by itself. 

Coming back to Ayurveda, Ayurveda tells that when one is facing problem with the skin it means that there is some problem with in the body. Never forget these pains and rashes all are the language of the body to tell that something is going wrong with the body. We think it is bad. No, it is helpful for us, so that we can find what is the problem with the body for which it is showing these alarming conditions.

Diet plays a dynamic role in keeping you healthy.
Bad dietary habits are likely to produce disease. So you should be keen on taking nutritive and healthy diets. 
  1. Correction of diet and regular exercise is necessary to regain regular bowel habits. Mild laxatives can be taken to prevent constipation. 
  2. Try to consume fresh food, though, preserving the food in refrigerator and then cooking it has become a need of our fast life style, it decreases food nutrition value. Avoid this way of life, as far as possible. 
  3. Eat warm and Snigdha (unctuous) food in proper quantity. Eat only when earlier food is digested. Don’t take Virudhaanna (food that is incompatible to each other such as fruit salad, milk with fish etc.) 
  4. Don’t eat too fast or too slow, chew your food many times. Eat in pleasant place. 
  5. Avoid Ushna (hot), spicy, oily, fried and pungent food.
  6. Always try to avoid junk food, fast food and outside food (because it contains lots of spices, oil, and chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate etc.)
  7. Take sufficient amount of fats and leafy vegetables with proper washing and cleaning, it will form bulk of the stool you pass and will give you relief from constipation.
  8. Take sufficient amount of water, liquid juice etc., which will reduce dryness of intestine and will drain out wastes from your blood through urine. 
  9. Fruit juice such as grapes, lemon etc., is recommended. 
  10. Avoid mental tensions, worries fear; mental relaxation with meditation and yoga will help you to release your tension. 
  11. Be relaxed, the problem gets resolved.
  12. Fresh water, fresh air, and sunlight will help to improve the skin condition.
  13. Regular exercise and long walk will keep you fresh, fit and fine.
  14. Hygiene of the whole body, especially of the face, is essential to remove dirt and grime from the face, wash your face frequently with warm water. Remove oil (surface oil) from the face by washing it with mild soap. To clean your face you can use a small slightly abrasive face sponge. In severe conditions when pain and inflammation persists steaming will be beneficial. 
  15. Avoid oily cosmetics. Non-oily, non-greasy and water-based cosmetics can be used. But it is always better if you avoid the use of cosmetics.
  16. Don't press or prick acne unnecessarily, as pressing and pricking and allowing dirt to infiltrate the vulnerable areas may cause major problems.
What to avoid/take to cure acne?
1. Certain food products in western diet such as refined sugar, saturated fat, processed meats raise the risk. 
2. A few researchers believe milk products and food containing a high glycemic index can be harmful. One should avoid dairy products, high salt, refined sugar and fried food. The same is observed with chocolates and salt. 
3. One can include Vitamin A, E, B6, Selenium, Zinc, Chromium and Omega 3 fatty acid in diet.
4. It is observed that the food containing a good amount of fiber and low in fat is helpful. Fat raises the secretion of hormones but a diet rich in fibers serves as a cleansing substance which removes toxins from skin. 
5. The diet should have no grains, no dairy products, soy or beans.
6. The herb called Saw palmetto can be included in diet as it is used for balancing hormones but it should be taken on the advice of physicians.
7. One can include fish in diet or fatty acid supplements can be taken.
8. Gamma-Linolenic acid which is found in vegetables is essential for reducing the symptoms of acne and vegetables contain a good amount of it.
9. Tea tree oil which contains anti inflammatory properties is found at many health stores and another chemical called Azelaic acid is also advised to be taken as per the recommendation of dietitians.

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