Home Remedies for Hair Dye Allergies

Many people, especially women, color their hair in an effort to either cover gray hair or simply to change and enhance their looks. Sometimes a strong allergic reaction can occur even on the scalp. When this happens, and you want relief as soon as possible, remember that there are ways to treat allergic reactions from hair dyes naturally. The scalp feels like it is burning, and redness, extreme swelling and rashes can appear.

The scalp can itch intolerably. Relieving the burning sensation is the first thing to do. These Remedies for Hair Dye Allergy would help you to relieve your itching and pain.

Drink as much water as possible immediately after discovering you are having an allergic reaction to hair dye. This is to flush the toxins out of the body as fast as possible.

If you have some chamomile on hand, make a strong tea of one cup chamomile to a quart of pure water. Boil the water, pour it over the herbs, and let it steep for about five minutes. Cool the tea down with ice cubes, and then use two cups of tea as a hair rinse twice a day until the itching and swelling subsides.

Massage plant oils such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil into your scalp to feed nutrients into your skin a well as soothe it.

Make fresh, homemade, organic carrot juice to give your body extra Vitamin A to heal your skin.

Holy basil is mainly found in India and is well known for its medicinal properties. The juice of this plant can heal different kinds of allergy skin rashes and even alleviate symptoms like itching.

When skin rashes are accompanied by itching, try using the madhuca plant. The leaves are ground into a paste and applied on the affected region.

Sandalwood paste is one of the most well-known treatments for all kinds of allergy skin rashes.


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