Health Benefits of Regular Exercise For Men

Are you of a temperament why bother working out? whose got time to walk? Then this article is very important for you to read and find out what regular exercise can do for you.

When you were in your former college and baseball player, you loved working out. You got real pleasure out of pushing yourself hard at the gym, and then you liked the feeling of tired but virtuous afterwards. You figured regular physical activity and its health benefits would always be a part of your life.

But then came marriage, three kids, a demanding job as a software engineer — and a thousand and one excuses not to make it to the gym. “For a little while, you convince yourself you’re still in pretty good shape,” You remember. “Sure, you’re a few kgs heavier. Sure, your blood pressure’s a few points higher. But you’re still pretty healthy, right?”

Well, maybe not. By the time you hit 40, You were 15 kgs heavier than you had been in college. Your blood pressure was nudging up into the danger zone, and your cholesterol level was just on the borderline of worrisome. And yes you might have come across peop\le your age or your father who had been rushed into surgery for a heart bypass operation after suddenly becoming short of breath one day while on a bike ride. “Believe me, you don’t want to go there?

So what is your safeguards to avoid such situation? A lot of middle-aged men like you know the dilemma. As family & work life become more demanding, exercise begins to drop lower on the list of priorities. Sure, you know it’s supposed to be important. But when the lawn needs mowing and the kids want attention, it’s harder to justify lacing up your running shoes for a good workout. Eventually, it’s easy to think, “Why bother?”

 Staying active throughout your life is the single most powerful way to remain healthy and live long enough to enjoy your family and all the things you’ve worked for.

So learn the health benefits and what all you can check on if you do regular exercise.

Exercise Health Benefit 1: Lower cholesterol Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) so-called bad cholesterol gradually increase as most men get older, and  Levels of good cholesterol, called high-density lipoprotein (HDL), tend to fall. Unfortunately, this leads to excess cholesterol accumulation on the inner lining of blood vessels, leading to arthrosclerosis and heart attacks.  The best way to keep LDL cholesterol levels down is to eat a diet low in saturated fat (the kind found in meat and high-fat dairy products.) The single best way to boost good HDL cholesterol? Exercise & Yoga.

Exercise Health Benefit 2: Lower triglyceridesTriglycerides are a form of fat found in the blood. Rising triglyceride levels are associated with increased risk of heart disease. Even the most active men also had the lowest triglyceride levels. Exercise helps fightinh this triglycerides.

Exercise Health Benefit 3: Lower Risk of High Blood PressureBlood pressure levels increases as men get older, also the risk of heart disease and stroke accelerates.It has been observed that the more physically active the men are, the lower their risk of developing hypertension and the risk of blood pressure.

Exercise Health Benefit 4: Reduced inflammation
Regular exercises performed by men, has shown the reduced levels of C-reactive protein, a measure of inflammation. That matters because cholesterol-laden plaques on the lining of arteries are most likely to break off and cause heart attacks when they become inflamed.

Exercise Health Benefit 5: Lower Risk of Diabetes
Adult onset diabetes is fueled mostly by too much body fat and its also one of the biggest health worries. Staying active can help you keep the weight off.

Last but not least to respond appropriately to changing demands for oxygen, blood vessels should be flexible enough to widen and narrow. Cholesterol build-up, smoking, and sometimes just plain aging tend to stiffen vessels, increasing the chances of heart attack. But fortunately, a growing number of studies has shown that exercise training helps maintain the ability of blood vessels to open and contracts in response to changing physical demands.

Easy way is pick one activity that interests you and just make that as your stress buster, follow that religiously and enjoy that as your passion and not a boring exercise routine.

So be active, stay healthy and live long!


  1. Exercise if done regularly can increase the number of blood vessels, lower your resting heart rate, increase your blood volume, and keep your linings free of corrosive materials. You can reduce levels of hyperacidity, which can cause or upset ulcers. You can keep your bones, your tendons, and ligaments strong, by placing a demand on them regularly, that will keep them supple, and nourished into your old age. Thanks.
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