Enhance Fertility: Male Infertility Treatments

Male infertility refers to the inability of a male to achieve a pregnancy in a fertile female. Fertility depends upon the fertility of both the partners. Any fault in either partner can lead to infertility. Studies have shown that 40% of infertility is due to the male partner. The commonest reason, is a low sperm count, which can be attributed to various causes.

There are many ways to enhance fertility: With advanced medical technology, male infertility can be treated. Some male infertility causes can be treated through surgery. The other treatments may include: » Incase of infections, treatment with antibiotics is possible.

» Surgical operations which help to remove a varicocele, reverse a vasectomy, or repair a duct obstruction
» Medications or fertility drugs to improve sperm production » In extreme cases, when there is no success in the above treatments or the male infertility caise is untreatable or not known, IUI treatment or IVF treatment may be suggested.

Other Methods for Infertility Treatment

» Smoking & excessive alcohol intake is associated with low sperm counts. These habits should be discontinued.

» Stop using drugs such as body-building steroids & illicit drugs. Other medication such as antihypertensives should also be reviewed in the light of effect on sperm count.

» Most importantly the frequency of intercourse should be increased, so that chances of conception increase.

» Men should wear loose fitting underwear and cool clothes and avoid high temperature baths like saunas etc.

» It is advisable that when the couple is planning pregnancy, intercourse is done in a proper position and using proper technique.

» Lubricants such petroleum jelly etc. should be avoided.
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