Common Illness During Rainy Season:Prevention and Cure

First showers of monsoon are heartily welcomed by everyone after experiencing the scorching heat of summer. But monsoons reduce the immunity of our body and  make us susceptible to many diseases which are commonly associated with this season.Rainy season invites lots of health disorders.Dealing with such illnesses requires extra-careful precautions as most common illness is related to respiratory system and water and food borne diseases that cannot be overlooked.

Cold and flu are common illness that is found in rainy season and this is usually due to fluctuation in the temperature. If you are a student, a working citizen or a mom, you need to protect yourself from these illnesses and prevent from getting sick. The first immediate step that you can do is wash your hands every now and then. Avoid food from outside.

Common Illness caused During Rainy Season
  1. Dengue
  2. Cold
  3. Flu
  4. Food infection
  5. Water infection
  6. Cholera
  7. Leptospirosos is caused by bacteria that can be carried either by a man or some animal. Its severe form can damage kidney, lever, meningitis and respiratory failure.
Precautions During Rainy Season

Increasing the intake of Vitamin C either in natural form or as food supplement will help you drive away the cold virus faster. Vitamin C will activate your antibodies and reduce the severity of cold, undoubtedly.
  • Do not enter air conditioned room with wet hair and damp cloths.
  • Shower After Being Caught in Rain as this will protect you from many infections.
  • Increase intake of Hot drinks like a cup of hot milk, adrak tea, vegetable soup etc..This will help you from catching cold or save you from catching any kind of infection that can occur due to sudden change in the temperature of the body.
  • Cleanliness is very important during rainy season. Even if you catch a cold, you should clean your hands regularly and use a sanitizer always after that.
  • Drink Plenty of Water as this will help you drain toxins from your body.
  • Try to eat nutritious food and avoid eating out during rainy season. Prepare meal with full precaution and maintain health and hygiene throughout the house.
  • Wash vegetables with clean water and steam them well to kill germs.
Ayurvedic Tips to increase body immunity and preventing diseases of monsoon.
Rainy season leads to low digestive power.Hence following diets which increase power of and strengthen the digestive system would be beneficial in rainy season.  
  1. Light foods prepared out of old barley, rice and wheat
  2. Sour and salted soups of vegetables.
  3. Drinking boiled and cooled water mixed with little honey.
  4. Consuming little quantity of wine prepared out of grapes.
  5. Adding ginger and green gram in daily diet.
  6. Eating warm food.
  7. Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a tea spoon of honey in empty stomach. This flushes out accumulated toxins.
  8. Freshly prepared radish juice is the best remedy for cold.
  9. A pinch each of long pepper powder and rock salt mixed in warm water reduces cough
  10. Cook rice with recommended quantity of water with crushed ginger and salt. Powder long pepper and fry it in a spoon of cow’s ghee and add it to gruel. Consume this when it hot. This is very light to digest and relieves colic pain.
  11. Incase of Diahorrea cook rice with recommended quantity of water with ginger paste and salt. Add pomegranate juice when the gruel is warm. This gruel rehydrates body and supply energy . This soothes inflamed walls of intestine and controls bowel movements.
  12. In flatulence cook rice, haritaki powder , roots of pippali and water together. Add salt to it.Consume this when it is warm. This relieves flatulence and regularizes the bowel movement.

    Thus precautions coupled with care really help you to enjoy monsoon. Have a healthy and safe monsoon.


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