Tips to Treat Acne with Neem

Acne is the common teenage problem and if you are living in a polluted environment then age does not matter to get the acne. All matter here is how to avoid acne and treat it if these appears on your charming face.

You will find n number of solutions to this problem but the best remedy for acne at first shot is the neem leaf and neem products.

Use anti bacterial neem soap to wash your face as this is the one of the best natural treatments for acne. Along with anti bacterial it also has the anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti viral properties. In no other soap you will find all these qualities.

Also there is an anti-acne neem treatment in which you will be given a neem cream to be applied on the spot with a neem tablet that is to be taken twice a fay for 6 days. Cream helps in treating the acne externally by acting as astringent and cooling the skin whereas neem cream gives internal healing and cure for this problem.
Neem leaves and bark have wonderful chemicals that are extracted and given a form of neem oil. Neem oil is extremely beneficial to cure any kind of skin disease and acne is one of those. Even the left over scar from acne can be treated with neem oil that has a very strong fatty-acid chemicals. To use this first wash your face with neem soap and then apply this oil for better and quick effects.

Also you can make the mask from neem leaves and apply this paste on acne or entire face. This will also give you glow and clear your skin.

You can also have a clay mask in which mix few drops of neem oil in bentonite clay and apply this on acne to treat it.

Once you get rid of acne then daily give your skin a neem lotion so that it remains healthy forever.


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