Quitobac- Anti Smoking Herbal Chewable Pill is a Gift for Smokers!

Its very difficult for smokers to accept Quitobac as a gift but its true that this anti smoking herbal chewable pill launched by Birla Veda is an invaluable present for them and for their families! On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, Birla Veda (a division of the Yash Birla Group) launched Quitobac- a unique herbal product to help smokers quit their addiction.

What is Quitobac Pill?

Quitobac is a nicotine-free chewable herbal formulation for smokers to help quit smoking. This herbal tablet contains Ayurvedic herbs including Yastimadhu, Khadir, Lavang, Brahmi, Shakapusphi, Amlaki, Ela and Tulsi- each in a standardized potent extract form. The pill aims at suppressing the craving for tobacco through an ingredient called eugenol which is present in Lavang.

How Eugenol in Quitobac Pill Helps Quit Smoking?

Eugenol present in Lavang (clove) helps in converting nicotine into cotinine- a metabolite of nicotine that can be excreted through urine. This leaves very less nicotine in the body that can reach the receptors in the brain. The absence of nicotine- the “feel good” factor after smoking- eliminates the urge to smoke.

Other Benefits of Quitobac Pill

Quitobac Pill not only helps quit smoking, but has many added advantages too.
  • Quitobac is also effective as an anti-aging treatment due to its ingredient “Amla” that contains anti-oxidants such as tannoid and vitamin C.
  • Quitobac also helps in treating depression through its ingredients brahmi and shankapushpi. They help modulate brain activities. Yastimadhu present in this pill also inhibits the monoamine oxide which regulates the norepinephrine and dopomine of the brain.
  • Quitobac also maintains oral health. The ingredients- eugenol, elachi and khadir- in the pill inhibit the growth of anaerobic peridontal oral pathogens that helps in maintaining fresh breath as well as strengthens the gums.
  • Quitobac also cures smokers cough as Amla exerts antitussive activity decreasing the frequency of cough and its intensity.
So now, smokers can well get out of depression along with smokers cough while taking anti aging treatment too (smoking do makes you look old!) just with one pill- the herbal non smoking Quitobac

Quitobac Doses

Quitobac can be taken whenever a smoker craves for a nicotine fix. A maximum of six tablets can be chewed daily. Use of this herbal anti smoking tablet can be adjusted depending on the number of cigarettes or “gutkhas” per day. And what's great is that the results are visible only after 15 to 20 days of recommended usage. Just stick to it for at least a month's time- if you really want to quit smoking.
Quitobac is available at the company’s newly launched retail outlet Rebirth in Mumbai at Phoenix Mills and at all leading chemists and drug stores. A strip of Quitobac containing 10 tablets that costs Rs 33. The company plans to launch the tablet to Tier II and III cities as well as the rural market soon.

Source: DWS Pill Scribe
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