Anemia Treatment with Home Remedies

Anemia is perhaps the most under rated disease. People, especially women tend to overlook anemia till the time their immunity is at its lowest and they are ready to catch other diseases. Anemia is a medical condition due to malnutrition- lack of iron and vitamins- in one's diet. However, there are many types of anemia with various causes attributed to them but the most common type of anemia is due to deficiency of nutrients that hampers the production of enough hemoglobin for carrying out normal functioning of body mechanism. A healthy diet and some lifestyle changes is all one needs to keep anemia at bay.

Remedies for Anemia
Proper nutrition and keeping the production of red blood corpuscles through diet and other efforts is the mantra for getting rid of anemia. However, in some genetic disorders like thalassemia, the only anemia cure lies in blood transfusion on a periodic basis. In all the other cases, there is some or the other home remedy for anemia treatment.

Healthy Diet- A diet rich in iron and vitamins is the basic requirement for anemia cure. Whole grain cereals, legumes, nuts, dry dates, beet root, red meat, pulses, eggs, fish, organ meats and milk products such as cheese, yogurt etc. are all essential for keeping the production of hemoglobin at higher levels. Green leafy vegetables and food grains are needed to counter the deficiency of folic acid. Natural sources of vitamin C, such as Indian gooseberry (amla), capsicum, guava etc. should also be included in diets. Eating apple on a regular basis is a good remedy for anemia. Parsley, lettuce, spinach are all good for higher production of red blood corpuscles.

Lifestyle Changes- Avoiding coffee, tea and ingesting antacids is crucial for anemia treatment. Caffeine derived from such drinks and other substances decrease the capability of iron absorption by body. Sun rays help in producing red blood corpuscles and as such, sun baths early in the morning or in the late evening for 15 to 30 minutes is beneficial for anemia treatment. Ayurvedic massage- wet or dry body rubbing- are also beneficial in anemia. Hot Epsom baths and cold friction baths for 10 minutes every week can also help in treating anemia. Cooking in iron pots had been an old Indian tradition which must be adopted by people having anemia as this significantly increases the amount of iron in foods.

Herbal Remedies for Anemia
Many herbs can be used for anemia treatment.

Ash Gourd for Anemia Treatment
  • Ash Gourd is a large fruit vegetable like pumpkin. It is a useful remedy of anemia. Traditionally, a sweet called 'Petha' is prepared from ash gourd by boiling the pulp of the fruit in water and adding sugar syrup to it. However, juice of raw ash gourd taken on empty stomach in the morning is also beneficial in anemia.
  • Celery is also very beneficial not only for anemia treatment but also for other diseases of blood like leukemia and hemophilia. It can be combined with chicory and parsley to be a very useful herbal remedy for anemia.
  • Dill or Sowa is effective in spasmodic menstrual pain in young girls and absence of menstruation due to anemia, exposure to cold and in pregnancy anemia. Dill is taken to regulate the flow during menstrual cycle. About 60 grams of dill taken with a teaspoonful of parsley juice helps in anemia during menstrual periods.
  • Fenugreek (Methi)leaves are good for blood formation. Cooked leaves help in preventing anemia. It is taken as an effective blood tonic helpful in curing anemia during menstruation. Fenugreek seeds also help maintain the content of iron in the body.
  • Gokulakanta herb purifies blood and is useful in anemia treatment. A decoction of its root can be given to the anemia patient.
  • Onion have a good amount of iron content and therefore is beneficial in treating anemia.
  • Other herbs like dong quai, dandelion, barley greens and alfalfa are also good sources of vitamins and minerals and can be effective in treating anemia.

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