Top 15 Tips to Manage Stress!

In todays fast paced life, there are just too many reasons for us to get stressed and irritable. But whether its a social defeat, break ups, office deadlines, relationship conflicts, and targets, we shouldn't let them drive us crazy. And while some situations can be more challenging than others to deal with, it seems that often we can do quite a bit, and on our own to not let stress overpower us.

The following tips will help you with just that:

1. Talk your problem out. Simply, talking about your problems with someone can ease your mind, and while doing so a you may get insight into your problem, or you might even get some good ideas from your friend or a confidante.

2. Don't let work eat into your personal time. If work life encroaches into your personal life it is most likely to increase your stress. Because in doing so you're compromising on your leisure and relaxation time. Decide when to close your shop and call it a day – stick to the schedule to manage stress.

3. Try a mini workout. Stretch and loosen up the the muscles in your neck and upper back, shake your hands for 10 seconds, and take deep breaths for 30 seconds or so. You might also try professional calming massage therapies if you have the time and there are good pros within your reach.

4. Visit the Future. You can do this by planning for the weekend, going to a movie, concert, or a party. Looking into the future can be a calming experience. And visiting the future can be thought of as a natural antidepressant.

5. Listen to music. Play on the numbers that you like and that reach out to your soul, and are relaxing too.

6. Snack a bit. Munching on a light snack can release feel-good chemicals in the brain and may calm you down a bit. But beware that you don't eat too much, or make it a habit.

7. Watch yourself go crazy! How do you respond when you're stressed. Do you feel stiffness in the neck and shoulders, irritable, angry, with shallow breathing, feeble, or other stress symptoms? Learn to recognize when you're beginning to get stressed and acknowledge the fact to yourself. Experts opine that the buildup of anxiety gets retarded when you do that.

8. Take a walk. To manage stress, take a break and go for a short walk, it'll help to breathe deeply and relax your mind.

9. Give yourself a break. When things aren't turning out the way we want them to, often the temptation is follow the maxim “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” But how about giving yourself a break! relaxing a bit, stretching your muscles and then getting back on to getting tough.

10. Reignite your sex life. If you've been avoiding getting cozy in bed because it's not a priority, try upping the priority. As sex has a relaxing effect on your body and mind. It's simple, go on a date with your mate, often.

11. Learn to let go. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try things won't turn out the way you want them to. But if you still cling on to a belief or a situation or a person, you'd only be making it worse. So at times the best thing to do might be to accept it and let go, and move on.

12. Don't be a perfectionist. Perfection is better associated with God than humans. Remember “let him who is without sin, throw the first stone,” said Jesus. So if you can't do some things “perfectly” don't brew it up in your head. Instead try to do things correctly than “perfectly,” that way you'll manage stress better

13. Learn to say No. When you try to please everyone you're inviting trouble. Know your limits and learn to say know, period.

14. The 'I can do it' attitude. Be a fighter. By taking on a positive approach and a belief that you can accomplish something, will increase the odds of you overcoming a problem.

15. Write it down. Journaling and putting down you worries on paper can have a calming effect. In addition it can even give you insight and perspective into the issue. So you'd be better equipped to deal with whatever is hurting you.

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