Tips To Sleep Better!

1. Don't be a bat or an owl: Nighttime is exclusively meant for vampires to prowl about, but for humans it's natural to sleep at night and medical industry experts suggest that too. If you sleep in the day as well, it might eat into the time of your 
nighttime sleep, so preferably sleep at night. However, if you can't avoid it sleep in a dark bedroom to simulate nighttime.

2. Schedule relaxing activities before bedtime: This could include activities viz. reading, listening to relaxing music etc. And if you do these things everyday, overtime your body will associate these activities with sleep and trigger it. Also if you don't fall asleep withing 20 minuets of lying down, get up and engage your self in some slow, relaxing activity and get back to bed when you feel sleepy. This is a much more natural way to induce sleep compared to pharmaceutical drugs meant for the same job.

3. Ensure you've a comfortable, bed, mattress and pillow: Based on your needs make a wise choice to purchase the right sized bed and good mattresses.

4. Throw all your worries into a trash can: Bundle all of them up and pack them off to a dustbin before bedtime, whether they be issues from your workplace or from anywhere else. Sleep is a very personal time, and you'd only be able to deal with your worries if you get good sleep and wake up fresh the next day.

5. Get into comfortable sleep wear before bedtime: If you don't, you do it at your own risk as your body might not feel relaxed while you sleep. A comfortable sleep wear is as important as making your bedroom comfortable.

6. Put mental stress to sleep as well: Being mentally stressed and worried can play havoc with sleep. You'd need to unwind yourself from all the stress. To achieve this, try relaxing by watching comedy when you get back home, forgive, forget & let go, learn and practice meditation and relaxation exercises.

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