Ayurveda Perspective on Cholesterol and How To Cure It Naturally!

Ayurveda on Cholesterol It's important to understand that fat tissue (cholesterol) in itself is not bad, and is actually essential for the body to function properly. So in the Ayurveda perspective, the production of cholesterol does not necessarily need to be lessened, but it needs to be balanced. When the digestion is balanced and healthy, then the body produces the right amount of cholesterol, in the right proportion to nourish the body. 
For instance, the creation of healthy body tissue (dhatu) requires a brightly-burning digestive fire, or metabolic process. A strong agni is equally important in maintaining balance in the doshas and malas.    
Therefore, when digestion, assimilation and elimination are balanced, fat tissue and cholesterol will also be balanced.

What causes cholesterol function to become imbalanced? Digestion depends on the strength of the digestive fire (agni). Digestive fire is sustained with the fuel of wholesome foods and drinks. If we eat too little, or if…

Health Benefits of Acai Berry

The Acai Berries today are widely publicized as super food as theycontain healthy fats and low amounts of sugar and are loaded with antioxidants. These berries have powerful detoxification capacities and are fiber rich. Taking acai extract can lead to increased energy and stamina and may even help combat fatigue and exhaustion – especially after exercise.
About Acai Berry The Acai Berry is an inch-long reddish, purple fruit that resembles grape. It is harvested from Acai palm trees which matures up to 80 feet (25 meters) in height and has cluster of branches at the top with long and lean leaves from which the Acai Berries hang. Around 20 kg of fruit per year is produces by an individual palm tree.

Common Name  : Acai
Botanical Name  : Euterpe oleracea
Forms : Tablet~Powder~Capsules~

ACAI BERRIES HEALTH BENEFITS Acai Berries today are widely publicized as super food, as they are helpful for an array of health issues such as arthritis, cancer, improving general health, high cholesterol, ere…

Cow Urine Benefits | Gomutra Benefits | Cow Urine Therapy

In Ayurveda,Gomutra is claimed to be helpful in the treatment of leprosy, abdominal colic pain, bloating, and cancer. A mixture of gomutra, Triphala, and cow milk is used for the treatment of anaemia. It is also used in the treatment of fever by mixing it with black pepper, yoghurt, and ghee (ghrita).Gomutra or gaumutra (Sanskrit: गोमूत्र gomūtra; cow urine) is urine from cows used for therapeutic purposes in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, and also for purification in Vaastu Shastra. Gomutra is also an important component of the mixture called Panchagavya, also used in Ayurveda. Urine of a pregnant cow is considered special; it is claimed to contain special hormones and minerals. In Hinduism, Sprinkling of cow urine is said to have a spiritual cleansing effect as well.

Cow Urine Therapy Cow Urine Therapy is an ancient therapy part of Ayurved which has been re-established by study, research and work of Mr. Virendra Kumar Jain over several years. It is more famous as Jain’s Cow …

Jatiphala(Nutmeg): A Medicinal Herb in Ayurveda for Digestion

Jatiphala or Jaiphal is commonly called Nutmeg is found to have various health benefits and it is a significant herb in Ayurveda. It is an appetizer, aromatic & astringent. It helps in preventing the expulsion of flatulence & thus acts as a good digestive. It is known to balance kapha and vata doshas. It is a source of many oils, proteins, minerals & resins. 

Therapeutic uses of Jaiphal or Jatiphala:Very useful in clearing throat, cough, asthma, throat pain, irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea due to its water absorbing and sputum absorbing properties.It reduces bad breath in mouth, moisture in mouth and excessive thirst.Can be used to relieve bloating, flatulence and abdominal pain.Can be used to balance the blood sugar levels and to treat urinary tract infections.It acts as a cardiac tonic and improves the heart metabolism.It has aphrodisiac properties which can improve the vigor.It acts as an appetizer, improves taste and digestion strength.Can treat intestinal worm …

Shankhapushpi: An Ayurvedic Brain Tonic

Shankhapushpi, an ayurvedic medicinal herbis considered as a promoter of life span strength and intellect. Medically it is used as medhya (brain tonic), laxative, aphrodisiac, nervine tonic, rejuvenator, health promoting and complexion promoting. It also acts as a tranquilizer, haemostatic, hypnotic, anti-epileptic, and anti-hysterical. ShankhapushpiCommon Name: Winged stem canscora, Mangalya kusuma, Shankhahul
Botanical Name: Convolvulus pluricaulis
Active Agents: Carbohydrate D-glucose, maltose, rhamnose, sucrose, glacial acetic acid, scoploetin, kaempferol, convoline, beta-sitosterol
Other Different Names: 
Hindi: Shankhavali, ShankhahuliSanskrit: Medhya, Mangalya Kusuma, Visnukranta, KseerpushipiPunjabi: Porpang, Dodak.

Shankhpushpi Overview The name ‘Shankhapushpi’ has been given because of its flowers shape and size, which are in the shape of conch or shanka. Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) is widely known among the common people and medical fraternity because of its effecti…